5 Beauty Tips For Men You Should Not Miss

5 Beauty Tips For Men You Should Not Miss

Gone are the days when men grooming themselves were considered a sign of ‘femininity’. Being well groomed and well-kept is desirable. Nowadays, it is easier to get information as well as services for men, as the stigma around men’s beauty is slowly dying.

Here are some beauty tips for men that you can follow at home

  1. CTM routine

CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing.

This routine is not restricted just to women. Men have harder skin and need more taking care of. Invest in a good cleanser, made especially for your skin type (oily/dry), use a toner such as rose water or a special toner and end it with a moisturizer. Follow this routine religiously for healthy skin.


  1. Keep the beard clean

Some men prefer to sport a beard, while some like to be clean shaved. Whatever your preferred style is, if you opt to keep a beard, remember to trim it so it doesn’t look messy and unkempt. Clean your beard with shampoo and if necessary, apply beard oil for better growth and a neater look.


  1. Nails are important!

One of the first things anyone notices about a man is their hands. Men often live around the stigma that applying creams and getting manicures is just for women. Slowly, this stigma around men is dying out. Visit a salon or get personal services at your home. Get a manicure done once in a month to keep your hands and nails clean and healthy and apply cream to your hands once in a while. After all, no woman wants to hold rough, hard hands.


  1. SPF!

Sunscreen is not a beauty product simply for women. In fact, sunscreen is not considered a beauty product at all. UV rays can be extremely harmful for your skin, causing skin diseases, wrinkling, spotting and aging.

Invest in a good sunscreen and apply it before leaving the house every day. This will help keep your skin protected, healthy and naturally handsome.


  1. Bright teeth

Men often consume more coffee, tea or unhealthy products. This can often cause their teeth to get stained a dirty yellow or brown. Nothing kills a smile more than having bad, stained teeth.

To get whiter teeth, invest in a good teeth whitening toothpaste. Cut down on smoking, coffee or anything else that might be affecting your natural teeth. Visit a dentist regularly.

It is extremely crucial for men to be aware of their grooming habits. These 5 beauty tips for men will help you go a long way!

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