Best Home Remedies And Diet Tips To Control Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Best Home Remedies And Diet Tips To Control Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Best Home Remedies And Diet Tips To Control Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

One needs to be extra cautious regarding one’s health during pregnancy, since there are so many hormonal changes along with bodily transformations. The natural blood pressure is120/80 mm Hg and when it goes above 140/90 mm Hg, it is considered as high blood pressure.

There can be lots of complications if the mother is a patient of high blood pressure. There can be many reasons behind the high pressure, such as, consumption of alcohol, excessive smoking, kidney related disease, hypertension, obesity and so on. Just like everything, there are many home remedies to decrease high blood pressure. In case you are not aware of those, here are some of the best tips.

Develop a great food habit and follow an appropriate diet plan:

A healthy diet can reduce many problems you have, especially regarding your problems related to high blood pressure. The best thing is to first ask the doctor how much weight you should have and have a diet plan according to that by an expert.

  • Take care of your daily salt intake, as excess salt can be a cause of high blood pressure.


  • You should have lots of fluid, such as, fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices, soups. It is also important to eat healthy products, especially since your foetus gains nutrition from whatever you eat only.


  • Alpha-linolenic acid is especially good for your health. Soybean, flaxseeds or walnuts are especially rich source of that.


  • Omega- 3 fatty acid is also particularly important for a pregnant woman’s health. Fish oil or cod liver oil is also a great option to reduce extra weight and control blood pressure.


  • Some natural products like cocoa, are great for boosting flavonoids in your body, which can decrease high blood pressure in your body. Flavonoids can boost nitric oxide in your body, which is helpful to battle increased blood pressure.


  • Herbs like garlic can modify the rhythm of the heart and help controlling blood pressure.

Light exercise and meditation to keep your nerves calm:

Stress is our daily acquaintance these days and it is one of the major reasons for high blood pressure. The best way to control it and calm your nerves is to practice meditation. You can put on some light instrumental music of your choice and meditate for some time. Instead of heavy physical exercises, you can think about doing light stretching or opt for the Lamaze classes.

You can go for a short walk also every now and then. Fresh air can be a great help too. Most importantly, you need to be relaxed and along with all those, a bubble bath and pampering yourself can also be of good help.




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