How to gain weight naturally?

How to gain weight naturally?

Weight of a human body should be well balanced and some sort of proportionate to height as well. This process of gaining or losing weight depends upon one’s fundamental activities and metabolic functions. The way we eat the food we take in, the frequency of exercising and much more are potent factors behind balancing the weight.

In fact, these days the start realities of life and the workaholic nature of human being are leading people to almost starve the whole day and hence, issues of less weight are arising. Being under weight has become a greater problem and hence, natural, simple and easy methods are to be followed to gain weight naturally.

Some simple and natural hacks that can be followed to gain weight:

  • Avoiding a large gap between two meals can lead to gain weight; hence, having small and frequent meals is always suggested. Intake of the right food combining protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, vitamins, fibre as well is important for gaining weight. Only lipids would not do it, having animal protein is necessary. When vegetarian the, soybeans can work well.
  • Instead of taking in huge quantity of food, we can take in dense foods such as avoiding watermelon that has more than 75% of water in it can be done. Dense fruits like banana are helpful. Dried fruits can be the best way to take in dense nutrients as there is the absence of juice in it. Generally starving or eating in a bulk amount both are suggested to be avoided.
  • Anorexia, Bulimia and binge eating disorders are related to weight gain or weight loss issues and hence, these are to be kept in mind. Generally in the quest of eight gains we feel stuffed with food and to avoid this we can drink our food instead of eating those. Having smoothies and shakes can help it.
  • A few exercise hacks can be learnt to gain muscular weight. It is always suggested to eat the food right before going to the bed. This helps in gaining weight without any hustle. A lot of metabolic activities take place when we sleep and hence, having a small portion of our meal before we doze off, are known to work wonders.
  • Generally combining different sort of foods from different food groups is helpful as a combination of a number of nutrients are taken in through a single meal. A meal having cereals, salads, animal or milk protein etc is preferred.


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