Kidney stone Medications

Kidney stone Medications

Kidney stones medications is commonly seen in people  now days,  it should be started right after the diagnosis of urolithiasis. Many forget the axiom – that the treatment of stones in the kidneys had a positive effect; you should consult a doctor at the first suspicion. Unfortunately, in most cases, people are delaying a visit to a specialist. It is better to know in advance about kidney stones, symptoms, treatment, in order to timely identify the problem.   kidney stone procedure

Many Kidney stones medications quite easily cure the disease and folk remedies if it is diagnosed at an early stage. A remedy for kidney stones will help with early treatment with a high probability (if the stones are not so healthy). In neglected cases, we are talking about the operation Therapy for urolithiasis clever doctors (which doctor heals the kidneys) designates necessarily complex. Usually, it is conducted in several stages. At the initial stage, the action is aimed at removing the pain attack, if it is present. The next stage is the main treatment. There are two methods of treatment: operative treatment and conservative treatment. Conservative, in turn, is divided into medicament, natural and physiotherapeutic.


Kidney stones medications

  1. Drugs that dissolve stones in the kidneys are focused on a specific type of education. That is, their action is directed to one type of stones (what are the stones in the kidneys). In the whole world, no drugs that would effect on all kind of kidney stones. Whether they are acidic or alkaline. Potassium citrate is used against calcium stones. As an active ingredient, it is included in the preparations of blemaren, oxalite, margulite. Its action is to bind calcium in the urine. Sodium bicarbonate is used in the treatment of urate stones against the background of a diagnosed acid urine reaction. It is able to lower the acidity of urine. Only doctors can prescribed the tablets, after a complete survey. Receiving them is monitored constantly, as the listed means have many contraindications, and they can cause undesirable side effects.   Kidney stone Medications
  2. Natural preparations. If the doctor has determined uncomplicated urolithiasis, small stones in the kidney medicines prescribed based on plant components. From the arsenal of traditional medicine came the practice of using extracts and extracts of herbs. For the treatment of urinary tract problems, dill seeds, cranberry leaves, horsetail, rue, St. John’s wort, bearberry, birch leaves, staminate-leaf Orthosiphon are used.

A good effect gives grass half-fallen (half-fallen has contraindications for admission). Medicines for kidneys of natural origin have a remarkable and indisputable advantage over medicaments: they do not give so many undesirable effects and have a sparing effect on the human body. I would advise you to focus on them because the kidneys are already suffering so much to stuff them with chemistry.   Kidney stone Medications

Based on components of natural origin, the combined preparation Kanefron have been developed. Among the active ingredients – rosemary, lavage, as well as a thousand-centner and many others. The main advantage of the drug is safe. It can be prescribed even for children and expectant mothers. I accepted it myself, so I speak with knowledge.

Once again, I repeat: self-medication with suspicion of the presence of stone formations in one of the kidneys is unacceptable. Here the doctor should take over the management of the therapeutic process. He prescribes a medicine for kidney stones, and he controls the treatment of kidney stones. Only in this case is the positive dynamics guaranteed, as they like to say.


Things to Watch Out For

It is easiest to maintain kidney health, including the necessary products in the diet. Proper nutrition prevents the formation of kidney stones.

To prevent the formation of kidney stones, you can include fresh leaves of nasturtium in lettuces (no more than two pieces per day). With stones in the kidneys, a leaf of nasturtium turns them into the sand, but if you eat more than two of them, the stones can begin to move and we will get a kidney colic. Dried leaves of nasturtium can be used.


To prevent nephrolithiasis, you can periodically eat lentils and her broths, parsnip root in cooked and stewed, fresh, cooked or stewed parsley (leaf, petiole, root), leeks (especially appreciated bleached part), blueberries in fresh And dried form (the billets from these berries are weaker).

To maintain kidney health, and stay away from Kidney stones medications it is useful to include following in your diet:

  • Fresh grated daikon
  • fresh grated horseradish;
  • fennel in fresh and stewed;
  • dill in fresh form, in the composition of salads, first and second dishes, dried fennel;
  • field salad (rapunzel, valerian) in fresh form and as part of salads;
  • cucumber grass (borago) in fresh form in salads;
  • turnips in fresh and parsley form, as well as stewed;
  • Pumpkin in fresh form, boiled, stewed and in the form of juices;
  • plums in fresh or pickled form, dried, in compotes, stewed and boiled;
  • Celery – stalks, leaves, and root vegetables – in fresh, boiled, stewed. (Also, use dry celery.)



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