What to do if not getting regular periods?

What to do if not getting regular periods?

There is no doubt about the fact that irregular periods are a complication that has become quite common among girls of this generation and is a serious problem too. This can be caused because of unhealthy life style practices or unhealthy diet patterns as well. This can be hereditary too.

These complications can arise out of other associated physical problems and diseases that are to be kept under control. The miss functioning of reproductive organs can be a greater cause of irregular periods. This complication needs to be handled well and needs to be treated as well. Hence, we should know about a few hacks that can help us regularise out menstrual cycle.

A few things to be done when periods are not regular:

  • Ginger is an herb that is known to be quite beneficial for period’s cramps and pain and hence, research says this can regularise the menstrual cycle as well. Ginger can be taken in the form of ginger tea or can be taken early in the morning with Luke warm water, lemon juice and honey. This can be taken with cooked foods as well.
  • Cinnamon is another useful herb that can regulate menstrual cycle. This can be taken with prepared foods or with tea as well. Cinnamon can be taken with hot milk as this contains hydroxychalcone that can have effects upon insulin regulation and hence, can have regulating effects on periods as well.
  • Sesame seeds are helpful to regulate menstrual cycle. In fact jiggery can also be taken. Turmeric is known to have effects upon menstrual cycle hence; this can be taken if periods are not regular enough.
  • Alovera is known to be quite helpful if periods are not regular. In fact unripe papaya can also be taken as this is known to contract muscle fibres in the uterus that can regulate periods. Coriander seeds and fennel seeds can be taken if periods are not regular enough. Mint can be used as an ayurvedic remedy. In fact carrot juice is known to be quite helpful as well.
  • Hormonal functions are to be checked if not getting regular periods. Also smoking and intake of alcohol are to be abstained. Depression, stress is to be strictly avoided to regularise periods. In fact almonds, walnuts, avocados can help in regulating periods. Herbal and organic foods containing vitamin D are to be taken for regular periods.


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