How to take care of your eyes?

How to take care of your eyes?

Eyes are one of the most sensitive and delicate sense organs of the body and hence, extra care ought to be taken to protect our eyes from any damage, injury or disease. Generally eyes are prone to infection and hence, allergic tendencies are higher; hence, hygiene is to be retained well.

Protection for eyes is important for people of all ages and hence, protective glasses are suggested by many. Eyes are the organs upon which much of stress is put when we are awake and hence, rest is important for eyes, time to time.

Here are some of the useful hacks to take care of our eyes:

  • A nutritious palette of food which is having seasonal fruits and vegetables is imperative to enhance the eye sight. Protein rich food and small fishes are known to be quite healthy for eyes. A well balanced diet is required to take care of our eyes. Including calcium rich food, vitamins, and minerals is necessary. Vitamin A is known to be good to enhance eye sight. In fact oyster, salmon, tuna, and pork, green leafy vegetables can enhance the eye sight.
  • Washing our eyes with clean water that is not too warm or not too cold is imperative. Luke warm water is always suggested for splashing upon our eyes. Using clean wipes is necessary for hygiene. Keeping away from dirt and dust is another hack to take care of our eyes.
  • Quitting smoking helps us to avoid the risk of developing cataracts. Hence, staying away from these sorts of addictions is good for our eyes. A regular check up from an optometrist is helpful in this case. Sometimes safety eye drops are also suggested.
  • Using safety eyewear is essential. In fact before going out in the sun, one should always put on his / her sun glasses so that the harmful UV rays can not affect the eyes adversely. Using eye wear with UV protective glasses is essential before going out in this scorching heat.
  • Maintaining a safe distance from computer screens and phone screens is essential as the rays emitted are quite harmful for the eyes. Avoiding excessive heat or excess of cold is important for the eyes as eyes are known to be the most sensitive. Instead of over straining the, enough of sleep is imperative to provide the eyes with rest. In fact blinking more to avoid dryness of eyes is considered helpful enough.

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