Things to avoid during periods

Things to avoid during periods

The 4-5 days of menstrual cycle brings in loads of restrictions for girls and following those can benefit us a lot. These days we girls go through excruciating pain in the abdominal area, lower limbs and excessive stomach cramps as well. To avoid these some life style patterns are to be changed and out diet too needs some sort of modification. Hence, a few simple, easy hacks and tricks are to be known so that we can be relieved from period’s pain.

A few things to be avoided during periods:

  • Excessive work load, gyming, walking, excess of yoga are some of the strict ‘no-no’. In fact girls are always suggested to take sufficient amount of rest at home during their periods. Taking up light work is suggested and girls should keep away from stress and depression during these few days.
  • Avoiding dairy products is suggested as these make us feel bloated. Also excessive salty foods and fatty foods are to be avoided to keep away the pain and cramps. Taking in soggy foods increases the discomfort. Hence, spicy, oily and heavy foods are always to be avoided during periods.
  • Another most important thing is that, girls should stay away from getting waxed during periods as the nerves and blood vessels create more pain during these days. Putting on tight clothes can create abdominal discomfort and hence, light cotton clothes are always suggested.
  • Fast foods and packed or processed foods that cause bloating are to be avoided. In fact eating in bulk at a time is a strict ‘no-no’. Small and frequent meals are always suggested. Excess of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco are to be avoided to stay fit during these 4-5 days. In fact refined cereals and refined grains along with high carbohydrate meals are suggested not to be taken.
  • Avoiding pickles, sauces and other such condiments can help in lowering pain during periods. Tran’s fat should not be taken along with dairy products with high fat content such as cream cheese and whole milk. Dried salty fishes and dried, salted meat are to be avoided as well. Red meat is a strict ‘no-no’. Along with those foods containing high amounts of sugar cannot be taken such as ice creams, chocolates and candies. Soft drinks and flavoured sweets are to be avoided.

These are the few things that can be avoided so that pain is lessened during periods.


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