Tips to increase Height

Tips to increase Height

Height matters a lot when it comes to appearance and hence, higher it is, higher is the confidence level. In fact when it comes to the fashion world and glamour world height is either a perk or a hindrance and hence, enhancing the height is a must. The height ought to be well balanced and proportionate with the weight and looks as well. A number of tricks, tips, hacks, and ways and means can be followed so that the height can be enhanced.  

A few tips to enhance the height:

  • Sufficient sleep is necessary so that the fundamental activities and metabolic functions work smoothly and properly. This enhances the growth of the body and height is known to be increased. While we sleep, a number of changes in the muscle tone and blood flow pattern take place and hence, sleeping for at least 7 to 8 hours per day is imperative.
  • Physical fitness level should be enhanced so that the growth can be increased. Practising daily yoga, exercising, walking, jogging, cycling can work wonder. Swimming, aerobics, tennis, basket ball, cricket, Foot ball can be practised so that the physical exercise level can be enhanced and growth is increased.
  • Diet pattern also needs a change. Protein rich food is to be included on the palette such as chicken, sprouts, milk products, soy products etc. Body building food is to be taken in. Health drinks and height increasing shakes can be taken as well.
  • Stretching exercise is known to be quite helpful. In fact hanging can work wonder as well. Car stretching, cobra stretching, super stretching, basic leg stretching etc can help. Bridge, bow down and twists can also help. These are to be practised for a considerable time each day and regularity ought to be retained. Over stressing the body with these activities is also not suggested.
  • Maintaining a proper posture while we sleep, walk, lie down, sit down etc is necessary. A straight spine and a stronger back can enhance the height. This can be supplemented with a proper diet. Vitamin such as tofu and egg white can be taken. Calcium is important along with healthy fats. Milk products such as curd, cheese, butter, paneer are to be taken for better growth.

Increasing height by proper diet, regular exercise is suggested as this can boost our confidence. Yoga is known to be an ancient practice that can have positive effects upon out health.

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