Top 10 tips to stay fit without gym

Top 10 tips to stay fit without gym

Sweating in a gym is a fashion nowadays but it is not the only way to stay healthy and fit.  Many of us don’t have enough time to join a gym due to our busy schedule and some of us don’t like doing workouts in the gym or can’t afford its huge membership fee but still wishes to stay in shape. Going to the gym is not important but the point is we are doing any physical activity that puts exertion on our body and burns calories. The other important thing is taking healthy and balanced diet by eating fresh fruit, green vegetables and increasing the intake of water. Here we are giving 10 tips to stay in shape without going to a gym.

  1. Skipping: Skipping is the simplest and easiest way to shed excess fat, burn extra calories, improves heart rate, tones upper and lower body muscles and provides a full body workout. Only a few minutes of skipping are more effective and burn more calories than 30 minutes of running. We need limited space and spare only 15 minutes of time to skip a rope.
  2. Walking: Walking is an easiest and best workout to maintain a healthy weight without putting too much strain on your legs.  Only 40 minutes of walk a day prevent us from heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes etc. We should try to avoid excess use of the vehicle by doing our routine tasks by relying on our legs as much as possible.
  3. Dancing: This is a tremendous workout comes with lots of fun and enjoyment. The best thing is we are performing an art as well as shedding excess weight. There are several dance forms and every day we can learn new dance moves without getting fed up like other exercises.
  4. Yoga: There are countless benefits of yoga for physical health as well as mental health. Yoga provides you flexibility, increases immunity, cures several diseases, builds muscle strength, increase blood flow and digestion, relieve depression and much more. Only 30-40 minutes yoga in a day has the power to transform your whole life by making you better and happier person.
  5. Sports: This is also one of the most wonderful workouts to lose weight and stay in shape. We are so much involved in the game that we forget all the tiredness just for winning. It is like an addiction and a win-win situation where we are enjoying as well as losing extra calories.
  6. Healthy Diet: Eating healthy and balanced diet is necessary to stay in shape. We should cut excess oil and sugar from our diet by taking a diet full of healthy nutrients by adding green vegetables and fresh fruits in our diet.
  7. Increase Water Intake: Drinking right amount of water in a day can help us to reduce weight, flush toxins, better skin complexion, improves immunity, reduce depression and good for overall health. Make a habit of drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday to stay healthy and young.
  8. Diet Chart: Achieving and maintaining a good shape is not an easy task. We could make a diet chart by taking the help of a nutrition expert and try to follow that chart to stay in shape forever.
  9. Household tasks: We can do our routine household tasks ourselves like dusting, Sweeping, Washing dishes, Car cleaning, laundry, feeding pets, gardening etc. We can choose among these tasks as per our convenience and time. This helps us to stay in shape as well as save some bucks.
  10. Mixed Workout: If we stop losing weight after sticking to a particular exercise schedule, go for mixed workouts. After repetitive exercise for a longer period of time, our body comes in a comfort zone and stops progressing. The best way is mixing exercise like swimming on one day and cycling on other. This is the best way to lose weight after your body resist.







  • Great tips.

    Funny, skipping is usually a forgotten pastime of our childhoods, but it really does make for a great exercise – and it’s fun. I’ve incorporated it into my workouts and it makes it feel more like play than exercise.

    You CAN get a great workout away from the gym – and the ideas you shared will help those looking to engage in their own program at home.

    Nice work. Sharing 🙂

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