Top Tips To Reduce Weight During Pregnancy

Top Tips To Reduce Weight During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be considered one of the best phases of one’s life. This is a perfect time to be happy and joyous along with a great time to pamper yourself. Since this is a huge thing, you need to plan every bit of it beforehand. Most importantly, this includes taking care of your own health.

During this time, any kind of heavy physical exercise is prohibited and therefore, you are most likely to gain weight. Without some strenuous effort, however, this can be resisted through some clever and easy tips. In case you are a new mother to be or do not have much idea about it, here are some great tips on how you can reduce weight during your pregnancy.

Tips you can follow

  • Create a carefully crafted plan for the gradual weight reduction during pregnancy:

Obesity during pregnancy can lead you to many kinds of complications such as, premature birth, poor immune system in the baby, stillbirth, high blood pressure in the mother, sleep apnea, blood clots in the area around your leg, etc. In order to resist such complications, you need to have a diet plan, checked and approved by your doctor. A healthy lifestyle and good diet plan can always enable you to remain healthy along with your baby. First, you need to know how much weight you need to reduce. Check with your BMI and weight. Then decide on the diet plan.

  • Cutting down the excess calorie intake:

You can easily cut down the excess calorie intake on a daily basis. The moment your amount of calorie intake will cross your BMI, the more you will gain the weight. It is better to keep a logbook or a planner to keep your daily calorie intake in check. It is best to consult a dietician before you decide on what to eat and what not to. You can also loop up the nutritional labels, on the packets of food items, to know how much calorie that particular item contains. It is better to eat in smaller portions and with the same amount of gaps between each meal. It is also advisable to cut down your junk food, cold beverage and alcohol intake.

  • Do light exercise and yoga:

Instead of doing heavy physical exercise, it is better to do some light stretching and exercise along with some prenatal yoga. Be sure, however, to ask an expert and your doctor before you begin exercising during pregnancy.

Follow these tips and remain healthy and happy during your pregnancy.



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