11 Beauty hacks for Summers

 11 Beauty hacks for Summers

 “Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”

              —Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty


As the summer comes here in full glory and this being the perfect time to flaunt your beauty. But summers also require special attention as warm winds, hot sun and fluctuating weather can severely damage your skin and which may also lead to bad body odour. All of this can make your skin dry and be an invitation for certain skin diseases. So here are some homemade remedy’s that will help you in the maintaining your glowing skin.

  • Use Perfumes and Deodorants

While going out, use perfumes and deodorants to kill the bad body odour. And not only to kill bad body odour but also to cherish its everlasting fragrance which will make you feel fresh all day. Perfumes like Gucci Bloom, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream and Decadence, Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance Fragrance Mist and Love Spell Body Mist. These will be available anywhere in the world.



Always keep your face and body moisturized. Avoid oil-based moisturizer. Moisturizing is important to avoid rough and dry skin.





  • Be friends with H2O

    Start your day with some warm lemon water

Higher temperature and more time outdoors lead to internal dehydration. Water not only quenches thirst but also removes toxins from our body. Have 8 glasses of water every day in the morning to help your body sustain a moisture balance of the body and skin. Proper intake of good fluids like fruit juices, coconut water, green tea will help decrease the heat level of the body and keep body cool and hydrated.



  • Use good Skincare Products

Good skincare products keep your skin healthy and going. It’s necessary to keep the skin hydrated for it to glow. Using good products will make you feel living and fresh. Products like PeterThomasRoth Neuroliquid and Estee Lauder Lotion may definitely suit your needs.


  • Take care of your lips

Dehydration can cause lips to dry out, so make sure you drink enough water and keep moisturizing your lips.




  • Food Intake

What you eat reflects on your face. Too much of salty snacks and salty products can also dehydrate your body. Have high water content fruits like watermelon, cucumber, orange, lettuce etc. This will give you nutrition and anti-oxidants. Intake of green and leafy vegetables helps to improve the immune system and decreases the level of stress.



  • SPF Sunscreen

SPF measure sunscreen protection from the UVB rays that causes sunburn and can also lead to skin cancer. It does not measure how the sunscreen will protect you from the UVA rays which are also equally dangerous. Dermatologists recommend SPF 15 or SPF 30 sunscreen.



  • Exfoliate your skin

Moisturizing alone will not help your skin glow, exfoliating your skin is necessary. Exfoliating is removing dead skin that gets accumulated on the body. Use a scrub to remove the dead skin. You can also prepare a homemade scrub by preparing a paste of oats, milk and besan.


  • Exercise daily

Exercising helps you to get rid of the toxins in the body. Yoga and simple workouts in the morning to stay fresh all day. Exercise also helps improve your blood circulation in the body. The oxygenated blood gives the skin a natural glow.



  • Cleansing

Wash your face and cleanse it thoroughly at least thrice a day with a good cleanser. If you’re acne prone then you can use cucumber or aloe-Vera gel. You can also use a homemade cleanser just by plain yogurt with honey, which not only just cleanses but moisturizes the skin deeply.




  • Skin Tone

Skin tone is a very common problem during summers. You can easily prepare a homemade toner by making a paste of 3-4 almonds, 2 teaspoons of milk and 1 teaspoon of lime juice and make a face pack with that. Keeping the face pack overnight will not only remove the tan but will also give you a healthy and glowing skin.



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Ujjwala Gaur is a beauty blogger. She likes blogging about beauty tips, homemade remedy’s and things which appeal to the most beauty freaks. Being a beauty enthusiast, she has a great sense of style. Though Victoria’s Secret being her favourite brand she also likes tasting new and different types of perfumes and organic beauty products. She’s is currently pursuing her MBA from IMT. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.


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