3 New Exercises to Add to Your Weekly Workout Plan!

3 New Exercises to Add to Your Weekly Workout Plan!

Are you looking for a few unique exercises to train your upper body, this article is for you!

Most people know about the conventional weight lifting exercises such as the dumbbell curl, deadlift, and bench press, but not many people know many unique exercises other than these.

Read this article to find a few awesome training techniques you will surely love to add to your weekly routine!

Use the Dumbbell Floor Press to Build an Awesome Chest!

The dumbbell floor press is one of the best exercises for build your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Unlike the traditional dumbbell bench press or the barbell bench press, this exercise is much safer for your shoulders!

Personally, I suggest that you do this movement for higher reps.3 New Exercises to Add to Your Weekly Workout Plan!

The floor press works best when you use between 8 and 15 reps per set.

Unlike other pressing exercises, low repetitions are not good here!

If you use this exercise properly, you will see how much you can improve your barbell bench press quickly!

Check out https://www.adamkempfitness.com/dumbbell-floor-press-benefits/ if you would like to learn more about this exercise!

Do Inverted Rows if You Have Shoulder Issues!

Many people know about chin-ups and pull-ups, and these are certainly awesome exercises.

However, they can be dangerous if you already have shoulder issues!

The inverted row, on the other hand, is a horizontal pull instead of a vertical pull.

Because of this, it is much safer for your shoulders.

Along with this benefit, the inverted row is one of the best exercises for building your back and biceps.

Inverted rows work great for higher reps, but you can also add weight to your body and do lower reps.

This is generally a safe exercise, so don’t be afraid to add some weight and try for 3-5 reps!

If you want to build a strong back and huge arms, this is an excellent exercise for you!

Bulgarian Split Squats Are the Best Leg Exercise You Aren’t Doing!

If you want to build awesome legs without having to squat or deadlift 600 lbs., the Bulgarian split squat is the perfect exercise for you!

The Bulgarian split squat is commonly referred to as the rear-foot elevated split squat, since that is what it is.

Essentially, this movement is a lunge with your back foot elevated on a bench.

There are a lot of advantages of the Bulgarian split squat, including:

  • Improved Muscle Strength from Training on One Leg
  • Better Lower-Body Balance and Stability
  • More Muscle Mass in Your Lower Body
  • Increased Metabolism and More Fat Burning

For many reasons, you should always be adding this great lower-body exercise to your weekly workout routine.

The ERG Rowing Machine is the Best Cardio Machine You Have Never Used!

I’m sure many of you have seen the rowing machine in your gym and wondering what its use is, but you probably have not tried it out yourself.

Believe it or not, the ERG rowing machine is probably the best piece of cardio equipment in any gym!

The rowing machine works to simulate the motion of rowing a boat in water, while also being much safer.

Benefits of Using the ERG Rowing Machine Include:

  • Increased Metabolism and Fat Burning
  • Improve Anaerobic Endurance
  • Train Nearly Your Entire Body with One Exercise
  • It is Safe Easy on Your Joints, Tendons, and Ligaments
  • Build Muscle and Burn Large Amounts of Calories at the Same Time!

There are many different workouts to do with the ERG Rowing Machine, but for most people it is smart to start with shorter intervals.

For example, one of the best ways to train on the ERG is to do sets of 500m of rowing, followed by 2-3 minutes of rest.

The 500m row is a common test of anaerobic endurance, and it also works very well to help you burn fat and build muscle!

Although rowing is generally seen as only a form of cardio, it is not uncommon for this type of exercise to help you build muscle as well.

Rowing is a very unique movement for most people, and it will naturally stimulate a lot of muscles in a new way.

Especially if you focus on shorter interval “sprints” on the ERG, you will burn fat and train your muscles at the same time!

Concluding Thoughts

If you are always using the same exercises in your workout routine, your body will quickly become used to this training.

The key to being able to continue to grow your muscles and improve your body is to always try new and challenging exercises!

The movements listed above are great to add to your training routine, especially if you are already working on exercises that are similar.

If you can add these to your routine, you can be confident that you will not plateau and stall out on your workout progression!

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