4 Crunchy Treats You Can Make With Bread Crumbs at Home (Recipes Inside)

Bread crumbs can add crunchiness to your dishes.


  • Bread crumbs are nothing but crumbled bread, sometimes powdered.
  • Bread crumbs are commonly used as a coating for that ‘crunchy hit’.
  • Here’s how you can use bread crumbs to make your foods taste better.

There are some foods that are a staple across all the cuisines of the world. Bread is one of them. The ubiquity of bread can be pinned to its versatility. Not just toast or sandwich, bread can be used in many more ways to churn out delectable dishes. Have you ever wondered how those fried chicken pops or vegetable fritters are so grainy and crunchy on the outside? We are pleased to break it to you that it’s the magical work of bread crumbs that make those fried snacks so appetising. Bread crumbs are nothing but crumbled bread, sometimes powdered or even cubed.

The best way to have bread crumbs is by making them at home. It’s easy and quick! All you have to do is take some bread slices, cut off their crusts and break down the inner portion of the bread slices into small pieces. Then grind them in a grinder or food processor till they crumble down into a grainy form. That’s about it.

Bread crumbs are commonly used as a coating for that ‘crunchy hit’ but you must know that they can be put to use in ways more than one. Want to know what all? Keep reading.

4 Dishes You Can Make With Bread Crumbs

1. Restaurant Style Fried Chicken

This one had to top the list. Marinated chicken is smeared with spice mixture, egg mixture and bread crumbs before frying to get the restaurant-like chicken wings we all love.

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fried chicken

Fried chicken wings

2. Baked Almond Kofta

If you thought bread crumb is all about frying, see this recipe. Baked almond kofta is a healthy snack suffused with mashed potato and almonds along with an assortment of spices. But, what really makes this dish so palatable is the coating of beaten eggs and bread crumbs before it is baked to perfection.

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3. Spaghetti with Crispy Bread Crumbs

Make your favourite pasta more interesting by adding bread crumbs to it. This recipe uses spaghetti and clams that are cooked with bell peppers, wine and a range of spices. A generous sprinkling of bread crumbs heightens its texture and flavour to a new level.

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4. Crusted Cottage Cheese (Paneer)

Paneer lovers, this one is for you. Marinate paneer in a batter of corn flour, white flour, milk, salt and some spices. Then roll the paneer cubes on the bed of bread crumbs and fry them to turn soft paneer into a crunchy delight.

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Bread crumbs can help keep your food ‘toasty’. Make them in bulk and store in fridge for up to a week and make unique, delicious foods as often as possible.

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