5 Protein-Rich Moong Dal Snacks You Can Try This Winter


  • Protein is a crucial component for weight loss
  • Protein helps regulate hunger hormone ghrelin
  • Protein helps inducing the feeling of fullness

There are days when you wish to indulge in all things fried and greasy, and then there are days when you stress about the calorie overload. If you are thinking it’s too late to regret now, we’d say it’s better late than never. In fact, eating clean may not be that bland affair after all! To make sure you keep away from processed junk, you need to fill yourself with nutritious foods that are filling. Try including as many protein-rich food sources in your diet. Protein helps build muscle; it also helps induce satiety and prevents you from mindless munching. Our very own moongdal contains wealth of protein that may help boost weight loss. Here are some snacks you can prepare with one of India’s favourite lentil.

Protein-Rich Moong Dal Snacks

1. Moong Dal Chila Stuffed With Paneer

Chila is a popular Indian breakfast. A desi cousin of pancakes, chila can be both savoury and sweet. Moong dal chila is also one of the easiest things you can prepare during the rushed morning hours. This recipe of moong dal chila is stuffed with protein-rich paneer too!


Chila is a popular Indian breakfast.

2. Moong Dal Pakoda

Pakoda and chai are synonymous with each other. Munching into these fried fritters as the sun sets, makes for an ideal evening for most of us. However, if you want to cut down on calories, you can air-fry or bake moong dal pakodas instead of frying them.

3. Moong Dal Sprouts

Sprouting is considered to be super healthy as it helps increase the bio-availability of nutrients. Moong dal sprouts are replete with protein. Moreover, if you top it veggies like onions, tomatoes, lime juice, it makes for a very yummy mid-meal snack as well.


Sprouting is considered to be super healthy

4. Moong Dal Parcel/Samosa

Thinks snacks and a desi mind is sure to picture a puffy samosa. These moong dal parcels are filled with a flavourful mix of moong dal, onions, turmeric and chaat masala.

5. Moong Dal Kiwi and Coconut Soup

The slightest nip in the air makes us want to have a portion of hot soup. This weight-loss-friendly delight is sure to be a valuable addition to your diet.


Try including these snacks in your diet and tell us which ones you liked the best. If you have more ideas to share, do write to us in the comments section below!