A whole egg or just the egg-white — what’s healthier for you?

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Published: January 8, 2020 11:40:59 am

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Should you have just egg white or the whole egg? This a perennial question and there is no easy answer. While some say that egg whites are far healthier, many question the wisdom. The nutritional value of an egg can vary greatly, depending on whether one has the whole egg or just the egg-whites. The whites or clear, thick liquid that surrounds the bright yellow yolk of an egg, is made up of around 90 per cent water and 10 per cent protein.

Before you decide, nutritionist Lovneet Batra points out the distinction between the two that you should be aware of.

Whole eggs are not only a rich source of vitamins and minerals but also tend to be high in protein and calories.

On the other hand, egg-whites tend to be low in vitamins, high in protein and low in calories.

Here’s what you need to note

While whole eggs may be providing more protein to the body, they tend to also bring in more calories.

The protein in egg-whites are also considered to be ‘high-quality complete protein’, which means it contains all nine essential amino acids in the amounts that the body needs.

Choose according to your family health history and your requirements

Eating whole eggs is also associated with making you feel full and helping you consume fewer calories. They are also known to be nutritionally more beneficial as compared to egg-whites.

Getting enough protein in the diet is also essential for maintaining and building muscle, especially if one is trying to lose weight. Considering this, it can be said that egg-whites are a better option for those watching their weight.

Egg-whites can be an appealing choice for people who have high protein requirements but need to watch their calorie intake, such as athletes or bodybuilders.

While all of the cholesterol and fat in eggs is found in the yolk, egg-whites are known to contain no fat or cholesterol. They also contain no carbohydrates or sugar.

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