Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a quite broad term and it differs it’s significance widely. Anxiety can be termed as your feeling of tension or uneasiness or may be just your reason to worry. So, before you think of dealing with your anxiety disorder you first need to sit down and find out what makes you anxious or what is exactly that you are suffering from? This will not only help you to deal with your anxiety disorder but will also give you a reality check about yourself.

Now, the term anxiety disorders also vary quite differently. It can be mental illness for some and it can be a general state of mind for others. So, it’s very important to find out what you think about your anxiety and is an anxiety disorder very difficult term for you to understand?

Just to give you a deep insight about anxiety disorders, we have got different types of anxiety disorders –

  1. Societal Anxiety Disorder – This is the fear of societal acceptance. You start being very conscious around people and you are not comfortable in your own skin.
  2. Panic Anxiety Disorder – This is something serious. You can get panic attacks under this. During panic attacks you may get sweating, chest pain and even palpitations. In serious cases you can also suffer with heart attacks or choking.
  3. Phobia Anxiety Disorder – This is when you have fear of a specific thing. You can be afraid or scared of height, water, fire and thus you develop a phobia against that particular thing. This is more like treating the phobia and it’s a higher degree of anxiety disorder.
  4. Generalized Anxiety Disorder – This is a general anxiety disorder. Here you can just feel tensed and uncomfortable may in some specific situations.

Most of the anxiety disorders have quite specific symptoms. Have a look at the symptoms given below and decide if you are suffering from one of them –

  1. Regular Sweat
  2. Panic Attacks
  3. Choking
  4. Heart Attacks
  5. Cold and sweaty feet
  6. Numb hands
  7. Trembling hands
  8. Shortness of breathe
  9. Dry mouth
  10. Nausea

Diagnosis – if you feel that you are suffering from any of these symptoms and you might have anxiety disorders then you must go for a doctor. Go and meet your doctor and speak your mind freely. Tell them what you are suffering from and how it is making you uncomfortable.

Then let the doctor decide if you need some treatment or just counselling for your situation. Also, you need to know that anxiety disorders can sometime arise because of some situations or tragedy and happening in your life. If that is the case with you then be open about it to your doctor. My strict instruction is not to hide anything from him else you might not see a 100% success rate.

Then let the doctor decide your treatment. If he finds that you just need some counselling or may be some medications can help you then he will do that accordingly. Or if he thinks post the discussion that you are in serious trouble and you need specialized attention then he might advise you to meet a psychiatrist. Do visit them and speak about your condition. You are not going to help yourself unless you speak about your condition openly and truthfully.

Lifestyle changes –

There are some lifestyle changes also which can help you in anxiety disorders –

  1. Sleeping timely – A regular and sound sleep is very important to treat yourself healthy and get rid of any anxiety.
  2. Morning walk – indulge in some morning sessions. This will keep your mind open and thus help you in case of any mental blockings.

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