Benefits of mustard micro-greens and how to grow it at home

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Published: June 12, 2020 12:30:04 pm

mircogreens, benefits of mustard micro greens, mustard, fenugreek micro greens, mustard sprouts how to grow at home, indian express The sprouts that come out of seeds is equally beneficial. (Source:

Microgreens are basically sprouts grown out of seeds of vegetables and herbs. Indian kitchen has some common herbs that can be easily grown and have tonnes of valuable nutrients. Lately, the benefits of these microgreens have come to light and chefs have introduced these sprouts in various dishes to promote better health. It adds a good texture to the food along with a bomb of flavours. One of this is mustard sprouts.

Mustard is a very popular part of Indian cooking, the seeds are used in tempering dal or even to add tadka in curries. Mustard, also known as sarson, is a popular leafy vegetable, particularly in winters. Of course, you know the popular Punjabi dish Sarson ka saag, which is enjoyed with Makki ki roti. Having said that, the sprouts that come out of seeds is equally beneficial.

* It is said to have several vitamins such as A, C, K and E.

* Mustard microgreens is dense with protein, fibre, folate, calcium, iron.

* These microgreens are capable for fighting with diabetes and other lifestyle conditions.

* It also stimulates healthy hair growth.

* It helps to relieve congestion and clear out sinuses.

* It aids the stronger immune system as it contains Vitamin C.

* It is said that the antioxidants in mustard greens are second only to kale.

* The abundance of phytonutrients such as glucosinolates and phenols in Sarson ka saag helps protect the body from diseases and environmental distress. They strengthen the immunity of the body.

Here’s how you can grow it 

* Take a rectangular pot, plastic, earthen or ceramic whatever is easily available. You can also use food to take away boxes, just make small holes at the bottom and use it as a gardening pot.

* Add some soil and randomly sprinkle mustard seeds and cover it mentally with soil and water it.

* Leave it inside the home, where you get indirect sunlight for seven days and it should start sprouting.

* You can cut them when they are of finger size and then add it to your salads or sandwiches. It tastes spicy and adds a lot of flavours.

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