Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer : Know About it

Bladder cancer is one of the types of cancer which arises from tissues of urinary bladder. Urinary bladder is the place in your body which is used to store urine and other disposable wastes of your body. This is one of the most common type of cancer. And as per the data, almost 3.4 million people are affected till date with bladder cancer. Every year there are 4,30,000 new cases. Men are mostly affected with bladder cancer than females. Mostly men of age group 65-85 years are affected with bladder cancer. In the year 2017 there were approximately 2,00,000 deaths because of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is one of the few cancer types which spreads quite rapidly and the cell grows abnormally and spreads to other parts of the body. There are numerous reasons for bladder cancer, Smoking and family history are some of the major reasons of bladder cancer. Other than this prior radiation therapy, family history and frequent bladder infections are also some of the major reasons because of which bladder cancer can occur.

Bladder Cancer : What are the symptoms?

One of the most common symptoms of bladder cancer is redness or blood in the urine. In most cases it is painless. But you also need to understand that this blood can be visible to eyes or not visible to naked eyes. Even the blood can be visible under the microscopic lens only. Blood in your urine which is also known as Hematuria is one of the most common symptoms seen in bladder cancer. It is seen in almost 80-90% of the patients.

Other common symptoms related to urination are experiencing pain while releasing urine, too much passing or urine or even feeling the urge to ass urine but you are unable to do so.

Some patients can also refer to some pelvic or body pain which needs to be immediately diagnosed with the doctor if the problem persists for very long time.

Bladder Cancer : what are the causes?

No doubt smoking features as one of the most prominent causes of bladder cancer. It is seen that people who consume at least 15 cigarettes a day are the ones who suffer from bladder cancer. Even people who have left smoking but were passive smokers in the past are always in the risk of suffering from bladder cancer.

Other than this exposure to certain chemicals at workplace or at any such hazardous places can also be a major reason for bladder cancer. Chemicals like benzidine, naphthylamine. These chemicals are also found in cigarette smoke. Some of the major occupational people which are risked to be affected with this cancer type are bus drivers, rubber workers, motor mechanic, leather workers, blacksmiths, mechanic and machine settlers. Even hairdressers are also exposed to bladder cancer because of their constant exposure to hair dyes.

Bladder cancer : How to Diagnose

Cystoscopy is one of the most common procedure to diagnose a bladder cancer.  In cystoscopy a flexible tube with a camera and various other instruments are inserted into the urinary bladder. This gives the real live picture of the situation inside the urinary bladder and will help to determine what is the exact stage of bladder cancer.

Another mode of diagnosis can be using a Hexvix/cysvix which is used further in fluorescence cystoscopy. This is an advanced version of diagnosis and will help to detect even the early stages of bladder cancer.

Depending on the diagnosis only the treatment of bladder cancer can be ascertained. Bladder cancer is a deadly disease just like any other form of cancer and thus early detection is the best way to treat bladder cancer.