Cancer Symptoms

Cancer Symptoms

Cancer : what it is?

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases found in humans. It causes maximum number of deaths in mankind. Every year more than 1 million cases of cancer are detected and same is the number of people who die of cancer. Cancer can be detected but sometimes symptoms are not that visible. But the golden rule of cancer is that as early as you can detect cancer, more are the chances of survival of a cancer patient. There are different types of cancer. And thus the detection and symptoms also vary highly.

But some of the most common cancer symptoms are as follows :

  1. Sudden Lumps or bumps – if you some sudden lumps or bumps at any parts of your body and you don’t have any explanation or reason to it then the best is to contact a doctor as soon as possible. The lumps or bumps can be both painful and painless but you still need to contact the doctor to get full clarity of the same.
  2. Long Cough and Cold – Cough and cold is quite common especially during winters. But if you feel like your cough and cold are continuing for very long time or even after normal medications it is not stopping then you must visit a doctor. It has been observed that cough and cold are one of the most common symptoms of cancer and has been reported by most number of people.
  3. Blood in your cough – If you get even some drops of blood in your cough then this can be a major sign of cancer. Of course because of many kind of infections blood in your cough can be present but even then you need to get it checked by a doctor.
  4. Bowel Habits – if you observe a change in your bowel habits then this can be a worrying sign. If you observe pencil thin stools then this can be a major cancer symptoms of colon cancer. Diarrhoea can be a major cancer symptom of cancer.
  5. Blood in your stool – if you observe some blood in your stool then this can be a major cause of concern. Hemorrhoids causes rectal bleeding and it is one of the major cancer symptoms. You can detect this with a simple X ray or even with colonoscopy.
  6. Anaemia – Anaemia is extremely common. But if you have anaemia for very long then this can be a major cause of concern. Because of anaemia low blood count or iron deficiency occurs which is major cancer symptoms in bowel cancer. It can be detected with endoscopy or X ray.
  7. Bladder activity variation – if you feel sudden pain while urinating or there is a tingling sensation while passing your urine then this can be a major cause of concern. Also, if you observe that your urine flow has decreased over time or it has increased over time or you are unable to release your urine then this can be an issue or concern. The best is to get yourself checked to a good doctor.
  8. Hoarseness – a simple or common thing like hoarseness can also be a major cancer symptom. It can be because of any lung infection or even because of some allergy. But if the hoarseness continue for more than 3-4 weeks then it can turn into a major cancer symptom and thus you should definitely get yourself checked.
  9. Change in a wart or mole – moles and warts can have many faces and thus their direction and size can change. But if you observe blood in your wart or mole then this can be a worrying sign and thus you should get yourself checked for cancer.