Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor Oil for Hair Growth


Every woman wants to have thick, luscious hair which not only adds to her beauty but also is a sign of good health and well-being.  But with growing pollution, stress,  poor eating habits; achieving healthy hair is a luxury nowadays.  Market is flooded with lot of cosmetics to help maintain healthy hair but along with hair growth boosting ingredients, they also contain other damaging chemicals in the form of color, perfume, preservatives and so on.  So considering all these drawbacks, having a natural remedy to boost hair growth is a saving grace.  One such remedy is castor oil.


Castor oil in a vegetable oil.  It is used in manufacturing and cosmetic industries.  Castor oil has waxing and lubricating properties.  Hence castor oil is good for moisturizing hair and preventing hair loss.  Castor oil for hair growth in an ancient remedy.  Castor-oil is extracted from castor plant, with scientific name Ricinus communis.  This oil mostly contains ricinoleic acid, different fatty acids, vitamin E, and other beneficial minerals.  Castor oil also has antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties.  It is also is a good humectant.  Castor oil is mostly thick in consistency compared to other oils.  It is mostly colorless or pale yellow in color.  Natural castor oil is cold pressed from the castor bean.  Since castor oil contains so many ingredients that are beneficial for hair, castor oil for hair growth is definitely a good remedy that is free of chemicals, comparatively cheaper, and completely natural.  You can buy organic castor oil, as this give an additional assurance about its quality.  Organic castor oil is safe for human use for hair as well as skin.


Some of the benefits of castor oil for hair growth are:


  1. Hair fall prevention.


Castor oil increases your scalp blood circulation as it contains ricinoleic acid.  Increased blood circulation increases your hair follicles.  Strong hair follicles boost your hair growth and prevent them from falling.  You may use warm castor oil to massage your hair and scalp once a week.  Doing so you will notice strong hair and healthy scalp over a period of time.  You will also notice the regrowth of lost hair.  Castor oil is even used to regrow your eyebrows and lashes.  All these properties makes castor oil for hair growth a well-known remedy since ancient times.


  1. Split Ends reduction.


Hair are mostly composed of a protein called keratin.  This keratin is damaged by factors like pollution, dry climate, lack of nutrition as well as other factors like straightening, using styling products and so on.  Castor oil helps repair the damaged keratin.  If you use castor oil for hair growth regularly, it will not only improve hair growth but also reduce your split ends considerably.  By reducing split ends, you can reduce the frequency of trimming your hair and can thus achieve healthy long hair.


  1. Conditions hair.


Since castor oil has humectant properties, it helps to retain necessary moisture for your hair.  This makes your hair soft and so castor oil is also used as a natural conditioner.


  1. Damage control and retains hair shine.


Castor oil forms a protective layer on your hair.  This protective layer helps to protect your hair from environmental pollutants, heat, sun damage.  It also protects your hair from dyes and chemicals used in hair styling products.  Scalp pH is balanced due to the presence of ricinoleic acid and also maintains the natural oils.  These all factors maintain the health of your scalp.  This in turn helps to retain your hair shine.


  1. Preventing Gray hair


The key for gray hair prevention in proper nourishment.  The essential minerals and high protein content in castor oil helps to maintain the natural pigment of your hair.


  1. Hair darkening


If you use castor oil regularly, it will retain the natural color of your hair.  The protective properties of castor oil like anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and as well as the humectant properties of castor oil helps to prevent your hair from natural damage.


Considering the many benefits of castor oil, castor oil for hair growth is a proven remedy since ancient times.  This remedy is passed on to generations by our grandmothers.  Castor oil if used regularly and consistently, it will gift you with healthy, beautiful, luscious hair which is a dream come true for every woman.