Cervical Cancer : Know about it

Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer : Know about it

Cervical cancer is the type of cancer which originates from cervix. This is also the abnormal growth of cells which does not have the ability to invade to other parts of the body. The scariest thing about cervix cancer is that earlier you cannot detect any symptoms of cervical cancer. Thus, early detection of cervical cancer is actually not possible. But later on symptoms like blood from your vagina, pelvic pain especially pain during sexual intercourse is something which can be some of the major symptoms of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is fourth most common cause of cancer and it causes most number of deaths among women. Almost 70% of cervical cancer occurs in developing countries mostly among the lower income strata people.

Cervical Cancer : Symptoms

Cervical cancer is one of those few cancers which is not possible to detect early. This makes it one of the most dangerous cancers of all. Major symptoms of cervical cancer are – vaginal mass, vaginal bleeding or contact bleeding. Pain during sexual intercourse or vaginal discharge is also one of the most common signs of cervical cancer.

Other symptoms may be loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pelvic pain, back pain, swollen legs, heavy vaginal bleeding, bone fractures and even leakage of urine can be some other symptoms of cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer: Major Causes

Just like any other form of cancer, smoking is one of the major causes of cervical cancer. Other than this HIV infection can also be another major cause of cervical cancer.

HIV Infection : women or men who have multiple sex partners have higher risk of cervical cancer than others. Of 150-200 types of cervical cancer, 15 of them are high risk type cancers.

Smoking : Both active and passive smokers have higher risk of cervical cancer. Especially among women smoking increases the chances of cervical cancer. Heavy smoking or long term smoking increases the chances of cervical cancer.

Oral contraceptives : long terms use of oral contraceptives also increases the chances of cervical cancer. If you keep using oral contraceptives for 5-7 years then there are higher chances of cervical cancer.

Multiple Pregnancies :  If you have complications or risks in your pregnancies then there are major chances of cervical cancer. If you had six to seven unsuccessful pregnancies then this can be major reason for cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer : Prevention 

There are different ways to prevent cervical cancer. Some of the most common ways of preventing cervical cancer is as follows :

  1. Screening – if you check your cervix by pap test then you would be automatically able to detect cervical cancer. This will help in drastically reducing the cases of cervical cancer. Pap screening should be done every 3-5 years with proper follow ups and this will make the detection and thus prevention process much more easier.
  2. Vaccination – There are some major vaccines which are known to reduce the risk of cervical cancer. HPV vaccines like gardasil and cervarix reduces the risk of cancer. Other vaccines like perineum also reduces the threat of cervical cancer.
  3. Nutrition – Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta carotene is known to reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Thus, people who are detected with early signs of cervical cancer should take regular doses of these vitamins.
  4. Barrier Protection – Barrier protection during sexual intercourse reduces the risk o cervical cancer to a large extent. Regular use of condoms will prevent the chances of cervical cancer.

Thus, cervical cancer if detected early can be treated 100%. Thus, you must take proper medicines and early diagnosis will help to treat cervical cancer.