Christmas 2019: Try This Easy Chocolate Doughnut Recipe At Home For A Decadent Treat

A decadent homemade doughnut can bring festive cheer for your kids.


  • Christmas is around the corner and its time to indulge in decadent treats
  • Doughnuts seems like the perfect Christmas treat for kids
  • Here is a quick and easy doughnut recipe that you can try at home

The season to make merry is just around the corner. Yes, the festival of Christmas is almost here and we can’t resist thinking of all those delightful plum cakes and yummy sweet treats that throng the markets. The festival of joy is the one to celebrate with your family and friends. And, as much as it is about decorating the house and the Christmas tree, it is also about indulging in scrumptious foods with your loved ones. Food is a very important part of Christmas celebrations and a traditional Christmas spread gives plenty of it to enjoy. But, what is a festive spread without some desserts?

From puddings, pies, tarts and cakes to muffins, rum balls and pancakes, Christmas is the time to enjoy all these and more. But there’s one dessert that takes away the cake, and that is the soft and mushy doughnut! Yes, doughnuts are round, spongy, soft and muffin-like round cakes that usually come with a hole in the centre, and are hugely popular not just in the U.S. but all around the world now. You can find doughnuts in multiple colours and flavours that can leave you drooling. From glazing chocolate or caramel ones to delectable strawberry or even coffee with decadent toppings, the options are aplenty. No wonder kids love doughnuts. And since, the kids love it so much, we are pretty sure making some doughnuts at home would be a great Christmas surprise for them.

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Decadent doughnuts can make anyone slurp a little.

Here we have a delectable chocolate doughnut recipe that is not just easy but super quick to make. Flour, egg, sugar, butter, yeast and milk are mixed together, rolled and deep fried till golden brown. Dipped in chocolate, this doughnut is as delicious as it can be. A perfect Christmas treat, you can now make this chocolate doughnut at home instead of going to your local bakery. Have the perfect Christmas treat ready for your kids with these doughnuts this year. While these doughnuts are chocolate-dipped, you can choose your favourite flavour and dunk the doughnuts in it.

Find the recipe of chocolate doughnut here. Try at home and let us know how you liked it.

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