Clover Honey for Cough

Clover Honey for Cough


Clover honey is a monofloral variety of honey made from the flower nectar and pollen of clover flowers. It is a light-colored honey with a pleasant and mildly sweet taste. It is the source of vitamins and dietary minerals as well as other element of nutritional value.

Does Clover honey help for cough? It does help. It will calm cough naturally and pleasantly!

A cough is a reflex action of our body to clear airways of mucus and irritants, such as dust or smoke. It is natural and good, because this is how our organ is protecting itself.

Plenty of cough syrups are available in the market. We should no longer use these cough medicines.  Because there is no evidence that they work. Even more, they can cause side effects, such as allergic reactions and  sleep effects.  With the current call for a ban of all cough medicines for children age 6 and under by an expert panel of the FDA, it’s helpful to understand why these cough medicines are being re-evaluated and to explore alternative remedies.

The cough medicines are being recalled because they don’t work well and the incidences of drug overdose for the children who use them are too high. The good news is that there are effective alternatives. One of the best home remedies for a variety of issues is Clover honey. Clover Honey helps to get relief from cough naturally. Children ages 2 to 5 can have a half teaspoon; ages 6 to 12 can have a teaspoon; and ages 12 and over can have two teaspoons. Clover honey helps in quieting cough in adults too.

When researchers conducted a study on clover honey’s effectiveness for treating coughs in children, they found the children who were given a spoonful of clover honey felt significantly better in quieting the coughs, compared to the children who were given other medicines.  Clover honey helps for dry as well as chesty cough.

Clover Honey not only helps for cough but also helps in treating various diseases:


  • Clover Honey is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-microbial compounds that are very beneficial for healing. Clover Honey also soothes the throat by coating the area that is irritated. The Antioxidants in it can help lower Blood Pressure


  • Clover Honey also contains strong natural antiseptics that can be both eaten and used topically on wounds.


  • Honey has been able to kill not only the E. coli bacteria, but other types of bacteria as well.


  • Clover honey also helps improve Cholesterol



  • Not only does clover honey possess significant antibacterial qualities, it is also effective in promoting healing by directly stimulating cells necessary in immune response for disease fighting and wound healing.