Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer : Know About It

Colon cancer is also known as bowel cancer or colorectal cancer. Colon cancer in the simplest terms can be said as development of cancer from the large intestine area. This generally occurs from the colon or rectum area. Colon cancer is ranked as the third leading cancer among men and women. Most colon cancers develop from polyps. Thus, removal of colon polyps can help you in preventing colon cancer to a great extent. Colon cancer is also one of the cancers which does not have any early symptoms and thus regular screening of colon area is the only way to detect colon cancer early in your body. Treatment of colon cancer depends on a number of factors like – size, location and spread of the cancer cells. Other than this the health and well being of the patient also plays a major role in treating colon cancer.

Colon Cancer : Symptoms

Major symptoms of colon cancer depend on the location of cancer cells in your body. Specifically in which area are the tumor cells located and whether it has spread anywhere else in the body.

Some of the major signs and symptoms includes :

  1. Constipation: And it’s normal constipation. It’s quite bad and ugly constipation. So, when you experience regular constipation and you think that nothing is help you then maybe this is the time to get yourself checked to the doctor.
  2. Blood in the stool – if you notice that your stool release is becoming painful and if you see traces of blood in your stool then this can be one of the major sign of colon cancer.
  3. Decrease in Stool caliber – If you witness a significant decrease in your stool caliber or thickness then may be this is the time when you need to undergo a colon diagnosis.
  4. Loss of appetite – if you witness there is sudden loss of appetite in your body and if the condition is persisting since very long then this is the time to get yourself checked from a doctor.
  5. Abdominal Crunches – If you experience regular and without any reason abdominal crunches then this can be a worrying sign. And if the abdominal discomforts are too painful then may be you should definitely visit a doctor.
  6. Bowel Full – You can feel that your bowel is not completely empty or may be you are feeling too full without even consuming that much food then this can be a worrying sign and may be an indication of an impending colon cancer.

Colon Cancer : Major Causes

There are no specific and defined major causes of colon cancer. But let us first understand how colon cancer spreads.

Cells grow and multiply in size but when a cell has a faulty or wrong blueprint then they began to multiply out of proportions and thus when the cells get joined together then that become a major cause of cancer. And when this process happens in the large intestine then colon cancer happens.

Some of the major causes of colon cancer are enlisted as below :

  1. Faulty Inherited Genes – when you inherit a fault gene then this can be a major cause of colon cancer. For instance if your father suffered from colon cancer then that does not mean that you will go through the same process. But it definitely increases your chances of colon cancer.
  2. Western Diet – Surveys have proved that western diet increases the chances of colon cancer. When you consume western diet which is higher in fats and lower in protein then your colon cancer chances increases.