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Sometimes all we need is some ‘me time’ which we can utilise to indulge in our favourite activities or just simply relax. And one of the best ways to relax and calm down our nerves is by breathing the right way, suggest yoga and fitness practitioners. However, if you are confused about what the right way of breathing actually is so that all your stress and worries can take a back seat, here is what you should do, suggested yoga trainer Anshuka Parwani.

According to her, this breathing technique helps one to quickly calm down and “immediately feel more grounded and more yourself”.

Wondering what it is? It is box breathing.

How to do it?

*Inhale for 4-5 counts
*Hold for 4-5 counts
*Exhale for 4-5 counts
*Hold for 4-5 counts

As per various researches, slow, deep breaths help lower blood pressure and can be an immediate stress reliever. Also called the four-square breathing, the slow holding of breath allows carbon dioxide to build up in the blood. An increased carbon dioxide enhances the cardio-inhibitory response of the nerve when you exhale and stimulates the body’s system.

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How to do it right?

*Ensure you are seated upright. This helps take deep breaths.
*Choose a quiet environment to focus on your breathing.
*Keep the hands relaxed on the lap or with the palms facing up.
*Ideally, repeat the box breathing cycle four times in one sitting.
*Box breathing can be practiced several times a day.

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