Demand surges for gym equipment, prices too! – fitness

With over two months of lockdown hampering access to gyms, fitness enthusiasts are having a hard time, as the equipment required for exercising at home has seen a massive surge in pricing.

Karol Bagh resident Archit Juneja had bought equipment before the lockdown, but was shocked to see the surge in prices. “Before the lockdown, dumbbells weighing 1kg costed ₹80, now the same costs ₹150. Basically, all gym equipment has become double the original price,” he says, adding, “Without gym, I am getting tutorials from Instagram, YouTube, fitness apps and live-streaming workout classes.”

And in order to keep up with exercise routine and stay active, at-home workouts, some are even borrowing from friends to avoid purchasing at jacked-up prices. Rajouri Garden resident Vibhav Chandhok, a model and yoga teacher in Germany, says, “Being unable to go to the gym, I’m only focusing on body weight exercises, kettlebell swings and yoga. I borrowed it from a friend as I won’t be able to carry them along.”

Some gym owners have even taken to renting their equipment to make up for missing revenues and staying connected with their members. “Abhi business toh poora hi bandh hai. Kuch toh kamana padega. It was my customers who gave me this idea. I decided to give basic, light-weight equipment on rent to set up home gyms for the time being,” says a gym owner from Lajpat Nagar. He also adds, “This way, I can somehow manage to adjust the fees as well that we take in advance packages.”

Interact with author/sanchita_kalra.