Dengue fever Food Restrictions

Dengue fever Food Restrictions

Dengue fever involves different kinds of restrictions. You need to take good care of health in order to recover fully from the fever. And post fever also your body is severely weak and thus you need to take proper precautions else the health of a dengue patient might be effected quite badly.

Thus, below given are some of the major food items which must be avoided in case of dengue fever. And you need to remember that these are the food items which must not be consumed during dengue fever. Dengue fever is the time when you have not completely recovered from dengue and you are still under fever may be out of danger but the dengue fever is still in your system. Most probably you might be in the hospital premises also. Thus, make sure that you need to consult with a doctor or dietician before taking any food during dengue fever. Still we are listing down some of the major food items which involves dengue fever food restrictions: 

  1. Raw garlic – Anything which is in it’s raw or semi cooked form needs to be avoided during dengue. You cannot have raw food items. This contains contamination and dust and other pollutants which can harm your system. Also, raw garlic takes time to get digested and absorbed in your system.
  2. Red apple – Red Apple might look healthy but it is not that healthy especially for a dengue patient. Red Apple is rich in fibre and fibre gets very slowly digested in your body. Fibre is something which is not easily digestible and thus it accumulates in your body for a very long time. Thus, red apple features in the list of one of the dengue fever food restrictions.
  3. Canola oil – Canola Oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids in your body namely omega 3 fatty acids. The oil is quite low in saturated fat content and essential source of oleic acid. But this means that it is difficult to digest and thus not gets mixed in your digestive system also. Thus, canola oil is strongly recommended by doctors to avoid during dengue fever to a dengue patient.
  4. Spicy food – The most common advice during a dengue fever is that the patient should simple food. Any kind of complex food should be avoided and thus spicy foods should also be avoided. If spicy foods are consumed then it can cause inflammation in your system and thus it will further affect a dengue patient.
  5. Oily food – Same is the case with oily food. Reduce the intake of oily food or infact completely cut down on oily food intake. It is because in case of dengue patient there digestive system is extremely weak and thus they are advised only simple and easily soluble foods. So, if you give them oily foods then it will be quite difficult to be consumed by them.
  6. Fast food – Fast food contains lot of contamination and they are not cooked also in proper safety measures. Fast food is extremely bad for your health and it contains many kind of colorants which can be bad for a dengue patient. Also, fast food contains spice and oil which is not healthy. And dengue patient is advised to eat 100% healthy food in case of dengue fever.
  7. Open food – Open foods are also not advised to be consumed by dengue patients. Open foods attract fly and many other contaminated products which can cause severe reactions in the body of a dengue patient.

Thus, above given are some of the major foods which must be avoided by a dengue patient in case of dengue fever.