Dengue Food Restriction

Dengue Food Restriction

Dengue is one of the common fever that all of us might have suffered from today or tomorrow. Dengue makes your body weak like anything and decreases the immunity system and weakens it ultimately. Also, your blood platelets or what we commonly refer as blood count decreases and that is really harmful for the body. Thus, you should concentrate on increasing the blood count. And thus recovery from dengue fever combines both medical aid and dietary modifications. But while consuming diet you must remember that you need to have products which will focus on increasing blood platelet count. You must restrict anti-platelet food products.   

Also, the diet for a dengue patient should be really simple and spice free. It should not contain any complex food else it will be difficult to digest and thus increase problems for a dengue patient. Thus, concentrate on the intake of easily digestible food products. Also, increase your fluid intake. You can have it in different forms. Like consume more and more liquids and juices. Also, concentrate on increasing your water intake.

Below are listed some of the food products which involve dengue food restrictions:

  1. Raw Onions – Raw onions is a raw food product. And raw food products are strictly to be avoided in case of dengue fever. They are not only difficult to digest but also requires more effort to swallow the product which is absent in case of dengue patients.
  2. Pineapple – Pineapple is also a complex fruit. It cannot be ascertained that pineapple is raw or fresh. And anything which is raw includes dengue food restrictions. Also, pineapple takes time to eat and get digested.
  3. Fresh Water Fish – There is lot of dust and pollutants in water and this can contaminate the food products present inside it. If you like fish and want to consume it during dengue fever then you need to think twice. Fresh water Fish can contain lot of contaminated products which might not be good for a dengue patient.
  4. Prawn – Do you know maximum infections in your body is caused by prawns? Prawn has such glands and intestines which can cause severe infections in your system. And when in case of dengue fever where your immunity system is already weak, this can cause devastating results.
  5. Soyabean – Soyabean is also not easily digestible. Soyabean involves time to cook and it also takes time to digest. Plus, soyabean is rich in fibres which is again not easily digestible. Thus, soyabean is one of the food product which must feature in the list of dengue food restrictions.
  6. Nuts – Nuts are the excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids. But they are quite crunchy and can disturb your digestive system. Nuts can cause serious indigestion if consume too much and that will further decrease the blood platelet in case of a dengue patient.
  7. Egg Yolk – Egg Yolks are the rich source of protein. And protein is difficult to digest and swallow. Thus, avoid egg yolks if you are suffering from dengue fever. This can further increase your complications and thus make your health worse.
  8. Red Wine – Alcohol is strictly to be avoided in case of dengue fever. And especially red wine. It is because red wine is known to cut down calories and reduce fats from your body. In case of dengue fever you are already weak and thin and you are actually looking to increase weight and blood count in your body. Thus, red wine and dietary habit in case of dengue fever is clashing.

Above are some of the major food items which needs to be avoided in case of dengue fever.