Dragon Fruit in Dengue

Dragon Fruit in Dengue

India is extremely rich in it’s natural food sources. We have plenty of vegetables and food products which are extremely good for our health. But still some fruits which are not grown in India and are exported from abroad are also equally loved and consumed by Indians. One of such major fruit is dragon fruits. Dragon fruits are costly but gradually they are expanding their rich in Indian market and of course the customers are buying and loving the fruit.

But dragon fruit does not only have an attractive look. It is equally tasty and healthy also. We are sure many of you are not aware of the benefits of dragon fruit. Dragon fruits are extremely beneficial for human health. Dragon fruit is known to balance the sugar level in your body. Dragon fruit is also extremely beneficial if you are suffering from oral health issues. It will help you to reduce cholesterol which is the need of the hour. It also helps in case of colon cancer. Dragon fruit is especially loved by women because it helps in their bleeding irregularities and also help to control the vaginal discharge.

Dragon fruit is consumed as the fresh fruit in entire world. It has almost 90% of water content and thus it is used to relieve thrust among the consumers. That is why dragon fruit is one of the most common fruit to be consumed in summers. Also, the sugar content in dragon fruit is also quite high. So, if a patient is suffering from sugar then dragon fruit must be strictly avoided. Dragon fruit is the powerhouse of potassium, protein, fiber, protein, sodium and calcium. This is known to increase metabolism in your body and regulates cardiovascular activities in your body. It strengthens your bone fiber and maintain your eye’s health. Also, the fruit is known to increase the iron, blood, vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C content in your body.

Because of the presence of higher blood content in the body dragon fruit is widely advised to cure dengue patients. Dragon fruit is also quite rich in anti oxidants and thus it is regarded as one of the best fruits to be consumed during dengue fever. Also, the vibrant pink fruit is known to increase the platelet count in your blood. This is the major reason why everyone advices dragon fruit in dengue fever.

One of the most renowned nutritionist has said “Apart from a green leafy diet, people have been eating dragon fruit. This fruit has a host of benefits. Firstly, the Vitamin C present in this fruit can aid in improving cellular immunity and preventing dengue hemorrhagic fever. It is also healthy for the bones and boosting haemoglobin (helps prevent the dangers of free radicals) owing to its high antioxidant properties. It also makes for light consumption, so it’s apt for someone suffering from fever. In additon, dragon fruit offers powerful antioxidants, phytonutrients, lycopene, high fiber, phosphorus and iron content, so it definitely makes sense to have it,”

So, even if you travel to any nearby fruit seller they will say that dragon fruit is really good for your health especially when you are suffering from dengue. It has been observed that even when you utter the first word of dengue they will point towards dengue fruit. So, no doubt the fruit is costly but it has it’s won share of benefits. And as per the doctor says it’s totally worth the higher price tag. Thus, without much delay if you are suffering from dengue fever then dragon fruit is highly recommended in dengue fever.