Eight reasons why you must opt for stairs over elevators – fitness

Dieting and working out rigorously help us in maintain a healthy lifestyle. For those who are too busy to make the time for exercise, there are several routine activities that can help a great deal if you want to stay in shape. Climbing stairs is one such activity. Here is why you should opt for stairs over elevators.

1. It’s a cardiovascular activity. When you do any cardio activity, the risk associated to heart disease is reduced.

2. It helps in weight loss and improves muscle tone.

3. Climbing is also functional training. Another example of functional training is to park your car a distance away and walk to the office. Such activities keep your joints in good shape.

4. Climbing eights flights of stairs a day lowers the average early mortality risk by 33%. Seven minutes of stair-climbing can halve your risk of a heart attack.

5. It is good for mental health.

6. It lowers the risk of osteoarthritis, which is the most common form of arthritis.

7. Climbing stairs is risk-free. You are not running on the road, it is not prone to accident.

8. It improves you lung capacity.

– Kiran Sawhney is a fitness expert in Delhi

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