Ever tried working out using a towel, flower pot, toilet paper roll or your child? Try these alternate exercises during lockdown – fitness

Can’t go to the gym because of the lockdown? Sweat not. Several celebrities and fitness enthusiasts in the industry have some fun workout ideas that can be done at home easily.

Feel free to draw some inspiration on alternative fitness methods from Karan Singh Grover “Active Passive hang”, Sophie Choudry’s towel workout, Dalljiet Kaur’s brick exercise, Rhea Chakraborty’s flower pot work-out, Deanne Panday’s fitness videos on working out on couch, with water buckets and tissue roles, among others. But just “don’t stop moving” urges these celebs.


Not just the bricks, Kaur also posted a video of exercising with son Jaydon, lifting up the kid on her back to exercise. “I know we all are busy throughout the day with our household chores but we can exercise at night with easily available things. I tried working out with two separate 2 kgs of rice pouches too, but the grip wasn’t good as it was with the bricks. This night exercise regime is helping me get a good night’s sleep,” she adds. 

Health experts have been harping on how one should not panic and also to not believe what every third person is saying or sharing on social media. Health coach Deanne Panday says all these add to the scare.


“Do yoga and meditation to relax your mind, survive this panic,” she continues, “All my ideas are coming from day-to-day life. People are binge-watching, and that’s not a good habit, so try this exercise. Also, tissue rolls… My sisters in US told me about people have been hoarding them, so I thought of creating something fun out of it. Use your staircase to work out, 10-minute morning, afternoon and night, just climb up and down,” says Panday.

Meanwhile, Grover has been using the wall to do some pull ups these days.

Talking about her towel workout, Choudhry adds, “When we workout in a Pilate studio, we’ve these special towels to do this exercise with. It’s an incredible workout especially for the upper body and strengthens your core. But this can be done with regular towels that we have at home… I’ve a small trampoline at home, might do with something interesting with that next,” she shares.

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