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Hunger pangs can strike at any time of the day! And for foodies out there,the ongoing quarantine period could be a bit of challenge. While eating out is not possible, and most of us are avoiding takeaway options of whatever is available due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, satisfying those cravings means eating whatever packaged junk is available at home or even trying to cook unhealthy options. We have been eating more than our regular appetite. Also being at home constantly due to the lockdown is resulting in eating out of boredom as well.

Nutritionist Nisha Bareja, says, “Eating unhealthy food continuously is going to overtax your digestive system because whatever you put in body has to process it and foods that are high in salt and sugar will increase your urge to eat more.” She adds, “Eat your meals mindfully so that your leptin hormone can function well. Also chew your food well to minimise further cravings and have a glass of water before eating anything when you feel hungry.”


Nutritionist Neeta Thapa Saikia gives some tips and recipes to douse those unhealthy cravings:

1. Replace some source of carbohydrates with protein in the form of egg, lean meat, beans peas curd and healthy fats like groundnut and other nuts.

2. Add besan (dry roasted gram flour) and oats to wheat and make dough for roti. This way, you can replace some amount of carbohydrates with protein and fibre.

3. Consume lots of liquid like water, soup, lemonade and coconut water at frequent intervals.

4. For healthy snacking – mix together a handful of roasted groundnut, 2 small cup of muri (puffed rice), a handful sprouted moong, 1 tablespoon grated raw papaya, chat masala, lemon juice and sprinkle some mustard oil to it.


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5. Roasted chana along with chopped onion, a dash of lemon juice and mustard oil is also a healthy snacking item.

6. For healthy but low calorie snacks, fruit and vegetable salad is a good option. Use chopped apple, sprouts, chopped cucumber, cabbage, thinly sliced ginger (it is known to reduce appetite and increase fullness), lemon juice, chopped green chili and some olive oil.

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