Five ways to make your mother feel special, every day

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Published: May 9, 2020 6:33:39 pm

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If there is one person in the world who sees our flaws but does not think any less of us, it has to be our mothers. They put their lives into raising us, protecting us when we are helpless, teaching us, and guiding our growth. Many of us take refuge in our mothers when things go haywire. Without our moms, our lives would be simply chaotic.

With Mother’s Day  on May 10, a lot of us must be on the lookout for the perfect gift to show our mothers just how much we care. Most mothers are quite easy to please. They feel happy with a phone call or a hug, or when we express how much they mean to us. But isn’t it important for us to make them feel special every day, and not just on Mother’s Day? Whatever the occasion, let’s make sure we take some time off from our daily routine and make them feel special, every day. Let’s take care of them the way they always took care of us, and continue to. Here are five ways you can make your mom feel ultra-special, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.

Make sure she eats right

mother's day 2020. mother's day,, indianexpress, fitness, mother's diet, exercise for mothers, new mothers, DIY for mother's day, what to do for mother's dayt, mother's day ideas, almonds, diet, healthy diet, A balanced diet is the key. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Our mothers have always ensured that we eat a healthy and balanced diet – to keep our weight in check, build our immunity or maintain our skin’s health. Now it’s our turn to make sure our mothers eat well for their good health and well-being. Eating right is the key to a healthy and long, illness-free life. By ensuring that our moms eat healthy, not only will we take care of their skin’s health, and help maintain the glow, but also help them maintain their weight which in turn helps reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems.

An easy way to ensure our moms eat healthy, is to make sure we add a handful of almonds to their daily diet. Get them to eat almonds during the day, or after their 30-minute walk, or while watching TV in the evening. Almonds are a healthy and nutritious way to add key nutrients like vitamin E, magnesium, protein, riboflavin, zinc, etc. Additionally, almonds contain healthy fats and vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) which have been shown to impart anti-ageing properties that will benefit her skin health in the longer run.

Cook for her

Our mothers have always cooked the tastiest and healthiest meals for us – to ensure we enjoyed breakfast, or loved the surprise in our tiffin box, or when we were stressed over exams. They have spent our whole life cooking for us, and probably still do it to this day. Let’s turn the tables, and cook something for them for a change! We can dedicate the whole day to our mothers and cook all meals for them, and end the day with something sweet to eat.

Keep a check on her fitness

As kids, we were always pushed by our mothers to engage in any form of physical activities to build up our strength and improve stamina. With all the responsibilities our mothers have, exercising in any form – be it by dancing, Zumba or yoga, is crucial for them. Besides losing weight, exercising will help in decreasing their overall stress levels, increase positive feelings which reduces the risk of long-term diseases. We can also make exercising fun for our moms by joining them for the session – this also gives us uninterrupted time with them to bond, with the added advantage of keeping ourselves fit (which we know is worry for them too)!

Weekly Pamper Day

There have been innumerable times when our mothers have gone out of the way to make us feel important by giving us immense love, comfort and care. From planning surprise parties to breakfast-in-bed, our mothers never leave a chance to make us feel valued. It is our time to make them feel special by planning a full-fledged day to pamper them – this could include a marathon of her favourite series, a pedicure session, a relaxing bath, and a day off from household chores. This will offer them some ‘me-time’, away from the usual chaos to give the tranquility they deserve.

Add to her knowledge

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Many of us always disliked being made to read books or newspapers by our mothers. Now that we have passed that phase, we realise the importance of reading. It’s now our turn to make sure our mothers do their daily reading. As people grow older, the cognitive function of the brain starts to decrease. To maintain this, it’s important to exercise the brain – and reading is an easy way to do so. We could gift our mothers a set of books they always wanted to read, or something that might be of interest to them – maybe something on politics, history or biographies. Track their reading progress and motivate them to complete their books within the timeline they suggest when they started. Reading will not only keep our mothers’ minds refreshed, and add to their knowledge, but also give them some time off from their regular chores and responsibilities.

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