Fruits for Dengue Recovery

Fruits for Dengue Recovery

Dengue is one of the most chronic fevers which human being can be effected from.  And in worst cases a person can also die because of dengue. Thus, if a person is suspected of having dengue then he or she should be immediately rushed to the hospital without taking any more chances or doing any more delays. And when you are under doctor care and recovering from dengue then you are prescribed with a number of medications to keep yourself healthy. And you have to go quite selective and light as far as your diet is concerned.

Thus, it is recommended that fruits should also be taken in a good quantity which will speed up your recovery from dengue fever. Following are some of the fruits which are highly recommended in dengue fever –

  1. Papaya – Universally doctors have accepted that papaya is one of the best fruits for dengue patients. The nutritional and vitamin content in the fruit is one of the best thing for dengue patients. You need to make a papaya juice out and drink it every morning and night. Gradually the fever will also subside.
  2. Orange – Orange is one of the best citrus fruits to be consumed during dengue fever. This is packed with energy and nutrients. Orange is known to increase the urinary output and also promotes antibodies which help in faster recovery.
  3. Lemon Juice – Lemon juice helps greatly in removing the toxins from the body. It helps to remove the virus from the urine thus making the body lighter. Also, since in dengue the taste of the mouth becomes really bad and sour. Thus, the patient is advised to consume lemon juice so that the taste changes and he feels better.
  4. Coconut Water – Coconut water is one of the fruit for dengue patient as it is quite rich in nutrients and minerals. The water keeps the body hydrated which is very much required during those days. It ensures that your body has correct doses of electrolytes, proteins and minerals in it.
  5. Pomegranate – the fruits has higher content of polyphenolic flavonoid which helps in fighting microbes during dengue fever. The fruit is rich in vitamin C and anti oxidants and thus it goes a long way in building your immunity and killing viruses in your body.
  6. Kiwi – The fruit is rich in Vitamin C, E and K and also contain folate and potassium in it. Kiwi ensures that your body gets correct supply of electrolytes and nutrients and also increases the blood platelets in return.
  7. Gauva – Another fruit which is extremely rich in vitamin C and is extremely beneficial for dengue patients. The fruit helps in providing the correct nutrient supply to your body. It also helps in increasing the metabolism rate and thus helps in the long run.