Grown-ups need colouring books, too, science says

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Published: December 26, 2019 3:40:02 pm

colouring, colouring books for adults, indian express news The repetitive motions of colouring help relax the brain. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Remember when as a kid you would spend hours working your way through a colouring book? How, in the end, you would be content with your craft, having stayed within the lines? Well, it turns out that the soothing effect of colouring books that you so enjoyed in your childhood, has made a comeback, with more and more adults choosing to express themselves through crayons and colour pencils. And science says this activity helps them de-stress as well. Read on.

Calming effects 

For someone who has a busy life and a loud mind, colouring is the ideal activity, because it helps spread calmness. It involves repetitive motions which relaxes the amygdala (considered to be the fear centre of the brain). The key is to completely immerse yourself in the activity, and not focus on anything that could cause you stress and anxiety.

Creativity confidence

When you tap into your creative side, outside of the precinct of your workplace, you emerge as a more innovative and team-spirit person in your place of work, a study conducted by the San Francisco State University reveals. Additionally, you can also bring some colouring books to office and include your co-workers, too.

colouring, colouring books for adults, indian express news The smell of crayons take you right back to childhood and put you in a good mood. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Better sleep

When you pick up a colouring book, especially at night before bed, you say goodbye to your smartphone and tablet. And science says that by replacing gadgets with books, you sleep better. You are not exposed to the harmful sleep-inhibiting blue light of the phone, and with time — and adequate rest — your skin health improves. The dark circles and puffiness under your eyes begin to disappear, too.

More optimism

Crayons and colour pencils smell a certain way, and this smell can take you back to your childhood. It puts you in a good mood and makes your feel optimistic. Additionally, it makes you foster meaningful relationships, and interact with and show generosity to strangers.

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Graceful aging

By giving you something to do, it makes you age in the most graceful manner. Colouring makes your mind focused and your hands active. It also gives you the chance to interact with people of your age, hold colouring events, etc.

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