Do You Have Good Writing Skills and good knowledge of Health related articles? If Yes, Then you are invited to contribute your masterpiece of content on Human Body Tips blog.

Who We Are

Pawan Web World is owned by Pawan Kumar who belongs to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. We own more than 50 websites related with different niches. Human Body Tips website is among one of the leading websites related to health topics.

We welcome those content owners who are willing to provide quality content to our website about Health Topics. As a web developer, we have created a section for blogging on our website to post new health related updates in the field of healthy lifestyle or any useful information, which provides knowledge to our readers. Human Body Tips website was maintained by Our Team only but now we are inviting industry experts who are willing to submit their guest articles on our blog.

We accept Guest Post on any of the following or related topic from the below-mentioned list, however, you can also send us your topic ideas via email, Selected Topic will be informed to you on email. After that, you can send us your artwork.

Topics May Include :

  1. Health Tips.
  2. Beauty Tips.
  3. Diseases
  4. Home Remedies
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Psychiatry
  7. Yoga
  8. Ayurveda
  9. Child Care
  10. Hair Care
  11. Dental Care
  12. Women Health
  13. Men Health

Guidelines For Guest Post Submission :

  1. Article Quality: Article Quality is one of the major factors, which we consider while accepting guest posts.

Points to Consider While Maintaining Article Quality:

  1. Article length should be between 800-1500 words.
  2. Articles Should be original.
  3. Article should be informative.
  4. Article must not sound promotional.
  5. Article should adhere the legal policies.
  6. Article may not contain any outdated or irrelevant information.
  7. Article must not contain the self-branding smell.
  8. No Affiliate links are allowed into the article.


  1. Credits: We appreciate your contribution you can add author bio just below the article or if you have taken reference from somewhere must credit them in your article if you are using someone else images feel free to give them credits as every individual work matters.


  1. Backlink: While submitting your articles you can add up to two Do follow links between the article.


  1. Media: Article must contain 3-5 images or a video else you can also add the original screenshots for justifying your guided steps in the article. Image quality should be high.


  1. Submission Format: You can attach MS Word File along with images on email.  Remember to hyperlink your website link on your keywords and must mention the serial of images in which they should be posted.

Terms & Conditions

Pawan Web World reserves the right to modify your content and to share that content on various social media platform without any royalty. Human Body Tips doesn’t pay or charge any sort of money to publish articles on their blogs. We reserve the right to deselect your topic idea and assures you that your content will not be published and will be returned to you if it does not fulfill our quality parameters. In the same manner, Human Body Tips also recommends you that do not post the same article anywhere else which you have submitted to our blog otherwise it will not have any search engine optimization benefit.

To Send Your Topic Ideas Or Articles  Email Us at

Note: Due To the number of submissions it may take up to 3-4 days to give you an approval for your topic ideas kindly be patient and do not submit the same article anywhere else.

To get ideas about what kind of post we accept read our previous blog post it will help you in choosing the topic and understanding our taste.

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