Have you been binge-eating? Time to look for some healthier alternatives

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Published: June 16, 2020 3:50:44 pm

binge-eating, problem of binge eating, foods that can help with binge eating, health, healthy foods, indian express, indian express news Binge-eating is one of the things that people are engaging in more frequently now. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Without having to really stick to a routine, people have become more indiscipline in lockdown, with respect to their lifestyle choices. They are staying up late, waking up later than usual, not worrying about rushing to work, because most companies are continuing their policy of work-from-home amid the pandemic.

Binge-eating is one of the things that people are engaging in more frequently now. And in the long run, it can lead to many problems, starting with weight gain. If you find yourself getting into the compulsive habit of munching on some unhealthy snack or the other, stop yourself right there. And if you cannot, allow these foods to become a part of your diet, so you can get over this bad habit, and feel nutritiously full all the time.

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As mentioned in several of our earlier stories, almond is the best thing you can snack on when you are hungry. It is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin E and magnesium, all of which can together take care of our hunger pangs and lower the hunger drive between meals. Just consume a handful of almonds whenever you feel the urge to binge-eat.


We all love it when there is a little bit of ginger in the tea. Ginger water is considered to be a healthy tonic, too. Besides, ginger is considered to be great for the overall health of a person. So, it is but natural that it must be considered when you are trying to keep yourself full and feeling healthy. It is known to be great for the digestive system, which is why it does exactly the opposite of what binge-eating would do. It makes you feel fuller in between meals.

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Coffee is, of course, known to be an appetite suppressant. Which is why excess of it can be considered harmful. But if you feel like binge-eating every day, you must consider drinking coffee at least once, so it can stop you from doing it. Also, a little bit of coffee is good when you are considering shedding a few kilos. It can help with burning your calories, but make sure you have black coffee instead of one which has a lot of milk and sugar, for that would be counter-productive.

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