Have you ever considered eating the pineapple peel?

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Published: May 7, 2020 10:00:47 am

pineapple peel, how to eat the pineapple peel, pineapple peel health benefits, pineapple skin, tea, juice, health, immunity, indian express, indian express news The tropical fruit has a tough exterior, but inside it is only heavenly, and a tad pulpy and crunchy. (Source: Pixabay)

Everybody is aware that pineapple is the tangy cousin of all fruits. And that besides being delicious, it is also extremely beneficial for the health. The tropical fruit has a tough exterior, but inside it is only heavenly, and a tad pulpy and crunchy. But while the fruit is hailed and eaten almost everywhere, not many people know about the benefits of its peel. Here, we discuss some of these health benefits, and how you can incorporate it in your diet.

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* The skin has bromelain, which is a powerful enzyme — anti-inflammatory in nature. It can be used to reduce swelling post surgery or an injury.

* It is also believed to help with digestion. It is said the peels can fight intestinal parasites and help with constipation.

* If you are looking to boost immunity, you must consider the pineapple peel. Just like the fruit, the skin is rich is vitamin C, which can build the overall immunity of the body, fight bacteria, help with cough, etc.

* The skin can also be a teeth and bone strengthener, since it is rich in manganese. It is great for oral health, because the vitamin C can keep the gums healthy.

* The enzyme bromelain can prevent the clotting of blood, too. In fact, it can even make the blood healthier, by helping with the formation of more red blood cells.

* Women who are looking to conceive, can consider it, too. As a fruit, pineapple is liked by everyone because it has beta carotene and bromelain, which can reduce any inflammation in the womb and create an ideal environment for the growth.

Here are some ways you can prepare the skin:

* Make tea: Remove the skin and place it in a saucepan. You can also add cloves, ginger and cinnamon sticks. Add some water and allow it to brew for some 15 minutes on low flame. Turn it off and let it steep for another 15 minutes. You can serve it either hot or cold, and can also add a sweetener of your choice.

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* Make a juice of it: Just like tea, you can take the skin off and add some water to it. No need to add anything else to it. Let it boil and then cool down. Next, put it in the blender, make a mixture and sieve it. Pour it into a glass and allow it to refrigerate.

Whatever you do, make sure you wash the skin thoroughly first. And before adding it to the diet, check with your doctor as they may be able to advise you better keeping in mind your medical history.

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