HBOT Therapy: An Alternative Treatment Modality of ASD and Related Disorders

HBOT Therapy: An Alternative Treatment Modality of ASD and Related Disorders

Meta-Description: Autism is a neurodevelopmental illness that results in refrainment from social activities. HBOT therapy deduces the symptoms in autistic kids.HBOT Therapy: An Alternative Treatment Modality of ASD and Related Disorders

Autism is widely regarded as a neurodevelopmental disorder that results in reduced communication and social interaction. A lot of kids suffering from ASD undergo  various communication issues in the form of decreased verbal interaction and reduced eye contact. In this context, it is important to note that in recent years the application of HBOT therapy is gradually increasing in treating autism, childhood epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, ischemia etc. It is because of the growing inclination of parents towards oxygen therapy, which developed as many autistics patients reported about the significant improvement they received after a number of sessions of HBOT therapy.

Therefore let us discuss the potential effects of hyperbaric oxygen treatment in autism and the other aforementioned brain disorders.  

How Does HBOT Therapy Help Reduce the Symptoms of ASD in Kids?

It is interesting to note that HBOT therapy assists in increasing the level of oxygen in the tissues and organs. This mode of treatment is primarily administered in a pressure chamber, which is also known as the HBOT chamber. At the time of receiving HBOT therapy, the affected individual or child is made to lie down in a capsule of air pressure which is more than the outside atmospheric pressure customarily found in the environment. It is mandatory to increase the pressure inside the chamber as it helps the body to absorb more oxygen.  This absorbed oxygen dissolves in body fluids and reaches the areas of affected or damaged tissues and initiates healing.  This treatment technique is also widely used in cases where traditional antibiotics fail to produce the desired results.

The Experimentation Involving Hyperbaric Oxygen

Modern research has also highlighted that HBOT therapy can also be used to treat a plethora of related brain disorders in the form of brain injuries and cerebral palsy. Recently, a trial was conducted on 62 autistic children where they were split into two groups. Each of these groups received treatment sessions that comprised of more than 40 hours. However, one group of children received a higher level of oxygen, and the others received a lower degree of oxygen. The group that received a higher level of oxygen depicted improvements in the critical symptoms of autism. For instance, after they were treated with the higher level of oxygen, they were able to maintain eye contact and were also able to interact freely in a social setting. On the other hand, the group that was kept exposed to a low level of oxygen depicted a partial improvement in the vital symptoms of autism. For instance, though they were able to maintain eye contact, they were not able to interact freely in a social environment. On the other side, 30% of the group that was exposed to higher levels of oxygen was rated very much improved regarding the key symptoms. It is phenomenal to note that 80% of the group that was exposed to higher levels of oxygen was considered improved compared to the other group that showed a gradual improvement of only 40%. 

HBOT therapy continues to gain popularity as an alternative mode of treatment where standard medications fail to act. A plethora of cognitive disabilities which comprise of autism, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injuries are all treated by the HBOT therapy.

HBOT Therapy and Cerebral Palsy

As hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy is used for a wide variety of cognitive disabilities, in this context it is important to note that it can efficiently manage cerebral palsy. Though there are a large number of advanced medicines, their side-effects are alarming to the equal proportions. This is where HBOT therapy plays a pivotal role. Doctors usually recommend a 40-session hyperbaric treatment plan with the help of which significant improvement is to be noticed in patients with cerebral palsy. Hence, by enriching the brain cells with the larger amount of oxygen, the seizures related to cerebral palsy can also be controlled efficiently.

Ischemia and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

In recent years, it has come to the fore that HBOT therapy can reverse the effects of ischemia, which is basically the inadequate supply of blood to a particular organ or part of the body. In this context, it is interesting to note that oxygen plays a vital role in the metabolism process of human beings. Hence hypoxic tissues, which lack sufficient oxygen, need a great deal of hyperbaric pressure to achieve the significant increase in the delivery of oxygen. The previous treatments depict when a patient with Ischemia is kept inside a HBOT chamber, he showed excellent blood circulation abilities. By breathing pure oxygen which is maintained at twice the atmospheric pressure, the plasma oxygen content gets increased by ten times the value of inhaled air. This is how HBOT therapy works in the case of Ischemia.

Treatment of Childhood Epilepsy with the Use of HBOT

As per a trial that was conducted on a group of 82 epileptic children, it was found that HBOT played a crucial role in making sure that their intelligence and reasoning abilities improve. The EEG (Electroencephalogram) report depicted that the group of 82 children which received HBOT therapy depicted normal EEG. It is so because HBOT therapy can improve the cerebral circulation and can provide the brain with more amount of oxygen. It can also reduce edema. Hyperbaric oxygen also promotes energy metabolism of the cerebral cells.

From the earlier discussion, it is quite evident that HBOT therapy is indeed one of the revolutionary modes of treatment with the help of which a lot of serious illnesses can be treated. The HBOT treatment is always considered as a ray of hope where traditional medical treatment procedures fail to act. 





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