Heart disease may develop differently in men and women, suggests study

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Published: April 25, 2020 3:20:27 pm

heart disease Minerals that block heart valves in men are different from those in women, says study.(Source: Getty Images)

Does heart disease develop differently in men and women? A new study suggested that the minerals that block heart valves in men are different from those in women.

As part of the study, Marta Cerruti, an associate professor in McGill’s Department of Materials Engineering, and her team analysed damaged heart valves from patients who underwent transplants.

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Researchers discovered considerable differences in the mineral deposits found in the aortic valves of men and women suffering from stenosis, an abnormal narrowing in a blood vessel or other tubular organ or structure. The minerals were found to be different in composition and shape, and grew slower in women.

The findings were published in Acta Biomaterialia. The mineral composition analysed showed that a certain kind of mineral deposit was found exclusively in samples from female patients.

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With a number of heart valves being replaced every year, Cerruti said her work points towards the need for developing diagnostic and therapeutic approaches when treating aortic stenosis in men and women. “Having a more diverse data set improves your science,” she added in a statement.

“Understanding what the minerals are could definitely help to develop a cure. It’s possible that there could be easier ways to target these minerals and dissolve them for women,” the researcher was further quoted as saying.

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