Hello quarantiners, it’s time to take care of your eyes – fitness

Backs hunched over the laptops, constant browsing through texts on phone, binge watching till late night – screen time has increased ever since the lockdown was announced. Whether it’s online classes, working from home or checking phones for latest updates, prolonged exposure to gadgets can cause a host of eye problems like dryness, redness and grittiness in the eyes. Termed computer vision syndrome, eye experts say this could be cured by making positive changes to the tech centric lifestyle.

What’s the cause?

Dr Ritin Goyal, cornea specialist says, “Blinking keeps the surface of our eyes moist with tears. Normally, we blink around 12-14 times a minute, but the blink rate goes down when we are engrossed on screen. This makes our eyes feel itchy and dry. Dry warm weather, air-conditioners and fans can worsen it.” Dr Gaganjeet Singh Gujral, consultant ophthalmologist adds, “When we use laptops or mobiles, our eyes are at a near distance to it. This increases the focusing power of the eyes and usage of eye muscles. Hence your eyes feel heavy and tired.” He adds that such complaints have risen after the lockdown was announced.

People more at risk

Though everyone is at equal risk of dry eyes and headaches, there are some who need to be extra careful. Goyal says, “Patients who have undergone lasik, have hormonal imbalance or are suffering from auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis will feel the symptoms more.” He adds, “Also people who have weak eye muscles, like young children, adults with lower power of spectacles and those who have squint are more at risk of having headaches due to computer vision syndrome.”

Tackle that dryness

Dr Prashant Naithani, consultant ophthalmologist recommends some preventive measures:

· Take a break after every 20 minutes with screen.

· Place your screen a few feet away from you.

· Try to reduce your screen time by picking up a hobby like music, cooking, gardening, etc.

· If you have a terrace at home, go and do some exercises to stay fit.

· Having a balanced diet would really take care of everything because it’s important to be overall healthy.

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DIY home hacks to rejuvenate tired eyes

Nothing spells exertion like puffy, tired eyes. Beauty expert Blossom Kochhar says, “Refrain from applying any moisturizer under your eyes, or remember to wipe it off before going to sleep, because that can lead to puffy eyes.”

She shares some home remedies which can be useful for treating tired feeling eyes:

1. Green or Black tea bags

It is best to cool green or black tea bags and use them on your eyes. Place the tea bag for about an hour or two in the refrigerator and place it on your eyes and relax. It soothes the eyes, reduces puffiness and provides hydration.

2. Aloe Vera gel cubes

Put aloe vera gel in the sections of the ice cube tray, add a few drops of any essential oil (preferably lavender), mix it with a toothpick and allow it to freeze. Rub these ice cubes on your undereyes to reduce puffiness. Aloe Vera soothes the puffiness and also treats open pores and lavender essential oil when used with aloe vera is perfect to refresh and hydrate the skin.

3. Egg Whites

Beat the egg whites, add some rose water and dab it on your undereyes. Place cucumber on your eyelids and relax. This helps reduce fine lines, and de-puff the undereyes.

4. Coffee

Whip coffee with either egg whites or pure rose water and place it on your undereyes. Rub cold spoon in a circular motion on your eyelids. This is an instant way to de-puff the eye bags and reduce dark circles.

5. Potato

To reduce dark circles, slice a potato. Squeeze the slice a little to precure it in a soft and juicy state and put some yogurt around the eyes and place the slice of potato on top.

6. Cucumber

It is an age old remedy to calm tired eyes. Place freshly sliced cucumber on your eyes. Sit back and relax for 20-30 mins.

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