How Long Do The Results Of A Facelift Last?

How Long Do The Results Of A Facelift Last?

When we reach the age of 40, our aging lines become more prominent and worsen as we age beyond this number. Most people at this age wish to regain their youthfulness in appearance and that’s when they turn to options to help reverse the aging lines. A common cosmetic surgery procedure that people choose is rhytidecomy, or a facelift, which proves to take away about 10 years and off more from your current age. If you are worried about your sagging skin, or wish to get rid of that awful “turkey neck,” or wrinkles and fine lines, a facelift in Atlanta surgery may just be the solution to all your problems. It will help to enhance your facial features and boost your self-esteem.

The facelift surgery is a popular choice because it lasts for so many years, longer than most non-surgical procedures like Botox injections and fillers to hide wrinkles. It is necessary that you understand that the results of a facelift cannot last forever, but yes, it helps to improve your current appearance. If you are the sort living in a healthy lifestyle after you have a facelift, you can expect its results to last for many years.

The Results of a FaceliftHow Long Do The Results Of A Facelift Last?

After a plastic surgery, candidates realize that their results last for a good ten to fifteen years. After this duration, many then opt to have a second Atlanta facelift. All depending on how the surgery took place, some patients may notice permanent results in some of the areas on their face. Keep in mind that a facelift, such as Crispin Plastic Surgery has limits and it offers no particular guarantees.

Since this procedure takes place on the face, you should not expect the facelift to improve other areas of your body. If you wish to remove cellulite from your thighs, you will need to have other procedures. To achieve your desired look, even some areas on your face will need additional surgeries. As an example, a facelift does not reduce fine lines, although it actually works on sagging and deeper lines.

Factors that Affect a Facelift

You should know that not everyone achieves the exact effects from a facelift. Due to other factors, some facelifts last longer or not, these including:

  • Alcohol use
  • Healthy diet
  • Smoking
  • Sun exposure
  • Heredity

Even though heredity is not something you can control, the other factors are well within our control. Hence, if you are able to How Long Do The Results Of A Facelift Last?take good care of your health all by yourself, you can make sure your facelift results remain for a longer time. You have to try to maintain a healthy diet, and drink enough water. Avoid direct contact or exposure to sunlight. If possible, you should wear sunscreen daily; avoid smoking, and the use of alcohol. It is also advisable that you maintain your weight, as losing and gaining can cause rapid changes to your skin.

The Various Types of Facelifts

Traditional Facelifts: This helps to amend sagging skin. Removal of excess skin, takes place it tightens and lifts. Some cosmetic experts or surgeons consider re-suspending the muscle and fat through a remedial restorative touch up procedure.

Mid-Face Lifts: Otherwise called smaller or small lifts than expected, this procedure takes place under general anesthesia and the focus remains on the central face portion and around the cheekbones. For most part, it is less expensive than a general full facelift; small lifts have shorter recuperation and surgery time.

SMAS Facelifts: Widely recognized as Superficial Muscular Apo Hypochondriac System, this surgery is a restorative facelift. Fundamentally, this procedure arranges your tissue and muscles. Within the overabundance of about 98 of your facial muscles, SMAS is the one that allows you to smile, show a degree of articulations, grimace, and advancements.

Do You Wish to Look Younger?

Aging is a natural phenomenon that causes fine lines or wrinkles in the face, promoting sagging in the cheeks and neck. Such surgeries help to lift your face and keep your skin appearing younger. If you wish to look younger for a social event, or want to boost your confidence, this is a suitable option for you. However, before you decide to go under the knife, it is advisable that you consult your plastic surgeon. Make sure that you choose a board certified surgeon who has gone through extensive trainings.How Long Do The Results Of A Facelift Last?

To be sure, you should go through their testimonials, their websites, the other procedures they offer like a breast augmentation, and the surgery rates they have to offer. Rest assured that the results of your surgery could last for a longer time, only if you are able to take care of it and proceed with following a healthy lifestyle. For the best results, it is advisable that you should best that you follow the right diet plan, and consult your surgeon for follow up care.



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