How probiotics help to improve your gut profile

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Published: April 30, 2020 9:00:07 pm

Eat probiotics everyday to keep your gut healthy. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Did you know? The food you eat is ultimately broken down in the gut to a simple form that can enter the bloodstream and be delivered as nutrients in one’s body. You will be amazed to know that this is only possible when one has a healthy digestive system. Gut health can be termed as the function and balance of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

A healthy gut contains good bacteria and immune cells that fight infection and viruses. Among its many functions, a healthy gut also communicates with the brain via nerves and hormones, in turn helping you enhance your overall health. Healthy gut bacteria protect you from disease and even promote your mental health. And to keep your gut healthy, you may have to opt for probiotics.

“Probiotics can be termed as live microorganisms that can be consumed via fermented foods and supplements. They help promote the healthy balance of gut bacteria and strengthen your immune system. Imbalance of bacteria is called dysbiosis,” explains Dr Roy Patankar, gastroenterologist and director of Zen Hospital, Chembur.

Here are some health benefits of probiotics:

* Common causes of dysbiosis are antibiotic use or surgery, intestinal infections, radiation therapy, etc. An imbalance means there are too many bad bacteria in the gut when compared to good bacteria. This can happen owing to illness, poor diet or certain medications. Thus, one may have digestive issues owing to the imbalance.

* It is good for digestive health and can help prevent diarrhoea.

* Probiotics can be beneficial for supporting healthy gut microbiome and help prevent gut inflammation and other intestinal problems as well.

* Fermented foods are a natural source of probiotics. They also carry a high count of lactobacilli bacteria, which are beneficial.

* You can opt for yoghurt, kefir, or kimchi. So, if you haven’t started taking probiotics on a daily basis then you are doing it all wrong. Include them in your diet right away!

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