I like to retreat to the mountains by myself, says Jubin Nautiyal – fitness

You might remember Jubin Nautiyal, 30, from his first Bollywood hit, Ek Mulaqat, from the 2014 film Sonali Cable. The singer-composer from Uttrakhand has since had hits ranging from Zindagi Kuch to Bata (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) to Ik Vaari Aa (Raabta) and Bawra Mann (Jolly LLB 2). In his free time, he likes to trek, and has a black belt in mixed martials arts. Here’s a peek at his fitness regimen.

Being fit is a lifestyle that includes exercise, healthy eating as well as being happy in life.

I love playing sports and was an athlete in school. I have also been a national-level shooter. So I lead a very active life. I do some physical exercise every day, and I enjoy it.

Though I now live in Mumbai, at heart I will always be a mountain boy. I love the serenity of the hills. I think it’s important to spend some time with oneself, and the mountains are a great place to do that. So I go hiking and trekking often. I still do air-rifle practice and I swim and cycle.

Currently, my favourite exercise is shadow training, an element of martial arts training where one hits at an imaginary target. This exercise helps to align one’s sense of balance, endurance and agility. It also burns lot of calories and it really helps you focus.

I like to learn different kinds of martial arts and am planning to learn sword skills next; I recently got myself a shinai, a Japanese wooden practice sword.

I eat three simple meals a day — pancakes or an omelette for breakfast; dal, sabzi, roti and rice for lunch and dinner. I have natural protein daily — soya, chicken breast, mushrooms. I do enjoy chocolate, ice-cream and burgers, but in moderation.

I meditate to manage stress. I’ve been meditating for almost nine years now and it helps even with the bustle of everyday tasks. Meditation is the bridge that helps connect you with your inner self. I believe that quietude also makes one more creative.

I am lucky that my work is my passion. Music is the love of my life, so I feel content and relaxed even when at work. I just enjoy being with my guitar and singing.

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