Indian Cooking Tips: This Quick And Easy Keema Matar Masala Is Ideal For Your Next Dinner Party


  • Keema is minced meat that can turn around any mundane dish
  • Stuff it in samosas, patties or one can simply relish it with naan
  • Here is a mouth-watering keema matar recipe to try at home.

Irresistibly meaty, utterly delicious and juicy, keema is any meat that is completely minced. It is derived from the Turkish word ‘khyma’ and is an indispensable part of many cuisines such as Awadhi, where it was a popular breakfast staple during medieval India. Think of keema and one can immediately relate it with melt-in-mouth kebabs. However, it can be stuffed into samosas and patties or can simply be relished with parathas or naan. Keema can actually spruce up even the most mundane dishes. In fact keema paratha is a popular dish in north India. Be it chicken or mutton, keema can be made from almost any meat and serves as an ideal one-pot dish.

While kebabs, samosas and biryanis might be great options for your dinner, if you are craving for a tantalising homemade keema to go with your favourite naan or paratha, we are here with an amazing recipe. Keema matar masala is a scrumptious Indian dish that you can try at home. In this easy keema recipe, keema is marinated in a mix of ginger-garlic paste, onion powder, salt, chilli and lemon juice. You can serve this mouth-watering keema matar masala with your choice of Indian bread.

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You can bake this irresistible keema recipe at home for your next dinner party. Here’s the recipe of quick and easy keema matar masala from NDTV Food’s YouTube channel. For more such amazing recipes, kitchen hacks and trivia, subscribe to NDTV Food’s YouTube channel.

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