Is constipation troubling you? Time to try out this yoga asana

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Published: June 1, 2020 11:20:11 am

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Lockdown or not, a common issue many people face is constipation, which is a result of eating unhealthy foods coupled with low fibre intake, limited water consumption and stress. While there are medicines available to treat the same, it is always a good idea to find effective and natural ways to cure constipation. In case you have been looking for one such solution, lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho‘s recommendation is worth taking note of.

In an Instagram post, Coutinho suggested, “The power in this position …Malasana …..super powerful for constipation ….if you are severely constipated in the morning, consume some plain pure ghee followed by warm water and sit in this position for a while ….also great for sciatica, start gradually, use support if needed.”

Do you know the benefits of this yoga asana?

Malasana or the Garland Pose is said to be a great way to open the chest, hips, and strengthen the lower body as it stretches the groin, ankles and back. The squatting position works on the hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles.

How to do it?

* Squat down with your feet pointing outwards.
* Your heels should be on the floor.
* Ensure that your thighs are placed slightly wider than your body, and then lean forward between your thighs.
* As you do so, place your elbows on the inside of your knees with your palms together and gently push against your knees, which helps to lengthen the abdomen.
* Hold for 30 seconds, breathing gently through the nose before releasing.

However, lower back pain, knee and hip issues are contraindications to the yoga asana.

As per Coutinho, the combination of ghee and warm water helps to get rid of the toxins which in turn helps in smooth bowel movement if your digestive system is sluggish. It is also said that after consuming ghee and warm water on an empty stomach, one should not have anything for at least 30 minutes.

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