lBone Cancer : Know About it

lBone Cancer : Know About it

Bone Cancer, as per the name suggests is a type of cancer which spreads from the bones. Actually bone tumor origins from the cells that makes the bones in your body. Bone cancer can also be termed as primary bone cancer. Primary bone tumors also arises from the bones, but you must remember that note all brain tumors are cancerous.

Now, you need to understand that once when you are detected with bone cancer then there can be two scenarios. Either the cancer has originated in the bones only or it has spread through the bones but originated somewhere else. In most cases it is observed that the cancer has originated in some other parts or cells of your body and then it spreads through your bones. Even Breast, Prostate and lung cancers are some of the most common types of cancer which originates and then spreads towards your bone area.

Other than this there are some other forms of cancer which are not considered as bone cancer but originates from the bones only. Lymphoma is one such cancer.

Almost 2300 bone cancer cases are detected in US every year. Primary bone cancers account for less than 1% of all cancer types. Bone cancers is mostly seen among children and young adults rather than senior citizens.

Bone Cancer : Risk Areas

Following are different types of risks associated with bone cancer :

  1. Radiation therapy for any previous treatment
  2. Chemotherapy treatment with drugs like alkylating agents
  3. Retinoblastoma – This is also called as mutation in genes
  4. In order to remove metal fractures, implantation of metal

Bone Cancer : Causes

There is no specific cause for bone cancer. The most common and simplest cause of bone cancer is when the normal cell grows in size and their proliferation is disrupted. This results in abnormal cells growing too much in size and growing out of proportion.

Other than this there are a number of hereditary and environmental factors which also contribute to the growth of bone cancer.

Bone Cancer : Symptoms

One of the most symptoms of bone cancer is pain. Initially you might expect little pain but gradually the pain will increase and over time it will become unbearable. That is the biggest symptoms of bone cancer. Bone cancer can be also detected when you are undergoing your X ray. Also, a lump or massive swelling can also be a reason for bone cancer.

Some of the less common symptoms include numbing, swellings, compression or disruption of nerves etc.

Bone Cancer : Types

There are different types of bone cancer :

  1. Osteosarcoma – This is most common type of bone cancer. This is most common in children, teenagers and young adults. In young guys osteosarcoma occurs in the areas where your bones are supposed to grow like knee area or thighbone.
  2. Ewing Sarcoma – This is one of the most aggressive cancer which is commonly found in children aged between 4-15 years. These are most commonly found in males and mostly found in middle portion of long bones of arms and legs.
  3. Fibrosarcoma – This is one of the most uncommon form of cancer which is mostly seen behind the knee in adults.

Bone Cancer : Diagnosis

Bone cancer can be diagnosed by different ways. CT scan, MRI Scans or even X rays can be used to detect bone cancer. Even a bone scan can also detect bone cancer.

Bone cancer is managed or treated by surgical oncologist or orthopedic oncologist. But the best is to treat or diagnose bone cancer as early as possible. Bone cancer can be treated but with correct treatment and early diagnosis.