Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer : Know About it

Liver Cancer which is also termed as hepatic cancer. Liver cancer is the 6th most common cancer in the world and 9th highest cancer which causes death in the entire world. This has been observed that highest number of liver cancer cases occur in the countries where hepatitis B and hepatitis C are also quite frequent. Hepatitis B and C are mostly seen in Asian and sub Saharan African countries. These are also the countries where you can see maximum cases of liver cancer also. In males you can see liver cancer cases much more than females. Liver cancer is mostly observed in men aged between 55-65 years old. Sadly liver cancer has very low survival rate.

Liver Cancer : Stages

There are various stages of liver cancer.

Have a look at the major stages of liver cancer as given below :

  1. Stage I : The cancer tumor is still in your liver and it has not spread to other locations.
  2. Stage II : In this stage there are two major scenarios. Either one of the tumor has reached to the blood vessel or many small tumors are still inside the liver.
  3. Stage III : This is the scary stage when one or many tumors have reached to your blood vessels. Even the tumors might have reached to your gall bladder also.
  4. Stage IV : Now, the cancer has spread to the entire body.

So, the important point in liver cancer is to find out which stage you are in. once you come to know about the correct stage of liver cancer then you will able to continue with the correct treatment.

Liver Cancer : Symptoms

Some of the major symptoms of liver cancer are as follows :

  1. Weight loss – weight loss is one of the most cause of liver cancer. If you expect a sudden weight loss in your body without any specific reason or any major disease then this is the time you need to visit a doctor.
  2. Nausea – Frequent nausea can be another major indication that you are suffering from liver cancer. Thus, make sure that your nausea issues are resolved well by time. if the nausea continues for very long time then you must visit a doctor immediately.
  3. Vomiting – if you vomit for 1-2 days it is fine. But if you experience regular vomiting without any specific reason then you need to definitely get yourself checked for liver cancer.
  4. Loss of appetite – If you constantly feel that you are not hungry or you have lost taste or you are no longer feeling like eating then keep a close watch on your appetite. If the condition persists for long then may be you are suffering from liver cancer.
  5. Abdominal Swelling – This is one of the major reason because abdominal swelling is something which you cannot suffer from normally. If you are regularly suffering from abdominal swelling then this is definitely a cause of concern. Thus, get yourself checked from a local doctor as soon as possible.

Liver Cancer : Diagnosis

Following given are some of the major ways of how you can diagnose liver cancer :

  1. Ultrasound – Ultrasound will give you instant and 100% accurate results when you will go for it. But it can give you results only when the tumors are big enough to show. Thus, liver cancer cannot be detected by ultrasound at early stages.
  2. Blood Tests : If in the blood tests it is found that there are rising levels of alpha fetoprotein then this can be an indication of liver cancer.