Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung cancer is one of the major types of cancer which is found in cancer patients. Lung cancer is the second most commonly found cancer and it causes second most death in the world. Lung cancer is very commonly found in both men and women.

There are some major symptoms with which you can identify lung cancer. And as per the golden rule of cancer early diagnosis helps in prevention and full recovery from cancer.Lung Cancer Symptoms

Following are some of the major lung cancer symptoms are as follows :

  1. Too Long Cough : Cough, cold and such common chest infections are mostly seasonal. This can also occur when you are allergic to something. But if the cough and cold continues for very long and especially if it’s a dry cough then you must get it diagnosed. This is one of the mot major symptoms of lung cancer.
  2. Chest Pain : Regular chest pain can be another sign of worry. If you feel that your chest is regularly paining that too in the right side of your chest then it can be a major symptom that you are suffering from lung cancer.
  3. Loud Sound with each breathe – a healthy breathe is the one where you cannot hear any sound. But if you hear harsh and loud sound while the person is breathing then it can be a major cause of concern. Thus make sure that you keep checking your near and dear ones for the sounds they make while breathing.
  4. Coughing Blood – we all have seen this in movies that when you cough blood then this is the alarm bell ringing. And coughing blood is mostly the later sign of lung cancer. Thus, if you are able to diagnose your cancer at this stage then may be you are already at the second or third stage of your cancer.
  5. Recurrent Lung problems – If you are suffering from too frequent lung infections then better get your lungs checked at the earliest. You can suffer from bronchitis or pneumonia but don’t ignore them as it cannot be lung cancer. If you are suffering too frequently with such lung infections then also it can be a lung cancer symptoms. But in order to stay at the safe side it is better to get yourself diagnosed for lung cancer, the first time you suffered from this disease.
  6. Coughing up Mucus – You must know that only coughing blood isn’t the only determinant of lung cancer. Even if you are coughing mucus then also you might be suffering from lung cancer. Thus, this is the time to keep a through check on yourself. Also, if your mucus contains even small droplets of blood then may be you are infected with lung cancer.
  7. Bone Fractures – Bone fractures are very common as they are related to some or the other injury or fall. But sometimes suddenly also bone fractures can also take place without any accidents or falls and this is something to be worried of. If you witness sudden bone fractures at the place of your joint then you need to get yourself checked immediately.
  8. Neck or Facial Swelling – If you observe sudden swelling in your neck or face then this is nothing to be ignored. Sudden fat gain is not good and not healthy at any cost. Thus, if you see your neck or face getting swelled suddenly and your entire body is same then this is the time to get yourself diagnosed for lung cancer.
  9. Bone Pain – when lung cancer spreads to your bone area then you will witness a sudden increase in bone pain. Now, you need to understand that whether it is a bone pain or a lung pain. Bone pain can increase at night also.

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