Milind Soman works out with muskmelon, shares secret behind his taut skin at 54 – fitness

Actor, model and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman is always encouraging his followers and fans to keep getting fitter with his amazing workout posts and videos. The 54-year-old recently took to his social media to post about how he uses a musk melon for several things before eating it, and the most interesting use was when he used it as a gym weight as he did Russian twists and in and out leg and core exercises using the melon.

Milind can be seen sitting on the floor of the balcony of picturesque wooden house that seems to be overlooking hills, with fog all around. It appears the model and his wife have headed to the hills after the lockdown was lifted. Milind not only shared how he uses melons as weights but also how fruits are a big part of his skincare routine. The video captured by Milind’s wife, Ankita, was captioned, “How many things can you do with a melon ? Before you eat it. I eat fruits every morning, whatever is seasonal, a whole watermelon, a whole papaya, 5-6 mangoes, some bananas, yes all together. sometimes it takes me an hour!!! And then I rub the skins on my face.”


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This is not the first time that Milind has given his fans some major fitness goals. A few day’s ago the model posted a photo of himself running, talking about how fitness was affected during the lockdown, telling those who have always been exercising to take it easy, and welcoming others who have just started the journey of being healthy.


The post read, “I know generally 3 kinds of people. People who continued to exercise and learnt new skills during lockdown. People who were not able to adapt and their food and activity habits went haywire, but who will re learn and bounce back. People who never understood the value of working hard to be healthy, but the learnings of the pandemic have been a life changing experience, and are now tentatively exploring a fitter healthier lifestyle. To the first two I say, take it slow when you re start outside, and to the third, Welcome To The Family !!!! Back to running bliss !! Will keep the beard and hair for a bit.”

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